Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning In Walton on Thames

With more than a decade experience in the cleaning fields, Monster Cleaning has become the leading provider of End of Tenancy Cleaning – and we are always ready to assist you if you live in Walton on Thames. We do believe that we are the right company to assist you in your moving because we have experience, we are trained, skilled, equipped, and always strive towards excellence. No matter the state or size of the property, by the time we are finished with the cleaning, it will be spotless – and your landlord will be impressed. We have cleaned thousands of properties – and have helped thousands of customers to get back their full deposits, and all they really did was contact us and schedule the visit because we take it from there.

End of Tenancy

We want you to know that we really are always available – after all, we work seven days a week. Don’t hesitate to give us a call – even during the weekends, and schedule a visit. Our customer service agents will discuss all details about the job prior to calculating a free quote for you and booking the visit.

Another reason why we are a favourite cleaning company of many is our pricing system – it allows us to be flexible with the final price yet still achieve excellent results. Our End of Tenancy Cleaning in Walton on Thames is a non-houly-based service. Yes, this means that you won’t pay by the hour – the price will be calculated according to the size of the property. That way the cleaning isn’t limited to only a few hours and our team is able to stay on-site for as long as necessary until the property is truly prepared for the final inspection.

We do perform this service according to the highest industry standards because we know how important securing your full deposit is. This is why we pay close attention to every detail. We will bring all cleaning supplies and tools that we need to remove all build-up, dirt, dust, debris, and all sorts of other impurities. We will also perform the cleaning by strictly following an agency-approved checklist where all chores that we must complete are written – from dusting all surfaces, cleaning appliances, cupboards, wardrobes, removing cobwebs, cleaning windows, mirrors, skirting boards to hoovering carpets, upholstery, hoovering and mopping the floors, sanitizing the bathrooms, removing limescale, and so much more.

At the end of the service, you will receive a 48-hour guarantee for a free reclean – but do keep in mind that we can only provide this guarantee if the property has electricity, running hot water, a defrosted fridge, and no personal belongings left.

Check Out Our Additional Services:

Our Deep Carpet Cleaning is ideal when the carpets on-site have accumulated dirt, dust, and all sorts of other impurities, and have started to look worn-out. We will revive them by using hot water extraction so we can remove all of these impurities, and bring back the beauty for the carpets.

Our Deep Upholstery Cleaning is ideal when the upholstdery on-site has accumulated dirt, dust, and all sorts of other impurities, and has started to look worn-out. We will revive the furniture by using hot water extraction so we can remove all of these impurities, and bring back the beauty for the sofa, mattress, curtains, or chairs.

Our Deep Oven Cleaning is ideal when the oven on-site hasn’t been cleaned in a long time and is covered in burnt food, stains, grease, and all sorts of other impurities. We will remove them by disassembling the removable parts so we can clean them seperately as well as taking the glass door apart to clean it prior to focusing on the interior.

Our Exterior Window Cleaning is ideal when you have a requirement for the final inspection saying that the exterior of the windows must be spotless – we will clean them and leave them streak-free by using water-fed poles and purified water.