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The end of your lease in Ashford brings the daunting task of deep cleaning your rental. It’s crucial to leave your space immaculate, far beyond the usual weekly clean, to ensure you receive your full deposit back.

Missed spots or lingering stains can be costly, with landlords often deducting significant amounts from deposits for any cleaning that doesn’t meet their high standards. This can add significant stress, especially when you are already dealing with the logistics of a move.

Monster Cleaning in Ashford is here to help. Our end of tenancy cleaning service ensures every inch of your rental meets inspection standards, so you can focus on your move without the added worry about your deposit.

What Can You Expect From Our End of Tenancy Cleaning in Ashford?

If you live in Ashford or the area and you are moving out then you can enjoy our affordable End of Tenancy Cleaning which is designed to take away all the stress surrounding the moving process and provide you with a spotless property ready for the final inspection. We are equipped, trained, experienced, and capable of transforming even the biggest place.

The best part of this service is that it’s not hourly-based which means that our team will come and stay as long as required until the entire place is spotless. We charge based on the size of the property which will save you money and plenty of headaches regarding wondering how many hours should you book the cleaning for. Instead, all you have to do is contact us, discuss all details about the job including the size of the place, and then everything else will be taken care of our team.

When we do arrive, we will bring all cleaning supplies and detergent necessary. Then we will immediately get started with the cleaning. This service includes a thorough top-to-bottom clean of every room. We will dust all surfaces, sanitize the bathrooms, deep clean the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and every other rooms present. We guarantee that nothing will be missed because aside from years of experience and proper training, our team also has special agency-approved checklists that they carry where all the chores that should be performed are written. Once the cleaning is complete, you will be handed this list and you can inspect the property on your own.

If, however, any issues occur, we do provide a 48-hour guarantee which includes a free reclean within 48 hours of the first appointment.

We do need a few things present on the property when we arrive which include running hot water, electricity, a defrosted fridge, and zero personal belongings.

You can schedule your End of Tenancy Cleaning in Ashford with our company any day of the week – we work even during the weekends and on official holidays!

Additional Services You Can Schedule

In our End of Tenancy Cleaning we will hoover all carpets on-site, however, if they need further attention and a deeper cleaning then schedule our Carpet Cleaning. We will bring hot water extraction machines with which we will wash the carpets and remove any accumulated impurities.

In our End of Tenancy Cleaning we will perform a “domestic level spray, scrub, and wipe” on all appliances including the oven, however, if you think that a deeper cleaning will be necessary due to build-up, greasy stains, and burnt food then schedule our additional Oven Cleaning.

In our End of Tenancy Cleaning we will hoover all upholstered furniture on-site, however, if a deeper cleaning is needed then schedule our Upholstery Cleaning. We will extract all impurities by applying our special hot water extraction cleaning method which is effective yet gentle.

In our End of Tenancy Cleaning we will clean the interior of all windows on-site, however, if the exterior also needs to be covered then schedule our additional Window Cleaning.

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Satisfaction Statements

Dalian Salmon


We are a cleaning company too that strive on standard and quality services to our clients. We've reached out to Monster Cleaning for help with an oven clean. Our expectation was nothing less than satisfactory and high standard. They delivered. Great professional service from customer service to field job. Before and after pictures provided and updates during the cleaning process. Definitely use again and highly recommend.

Peter-Joseph Hegarty

Peter-Joseph Hegarty


I was very happy with the service (oven cleaning) provided by Monster Cleaning Services. The young man who cleaned my oven was very conscientious and methodical in stripping it down and cleaning it, and was most helpful in explaining various points to me. In addition, Stan (in the office) gave me useful links for replacement parts and advised me on pricing. All in all, I would be happy to use Monster again.

Jonathan Hann

Jonathan Hann


The service was phenomenal. Couldn’t be more impressed by the quality of the cleaning. Paid for an ‘end of tenancy’ service and carpet clean. Everything was spotless and the showers, fridge, freezer and oven (which was wrecked) looked brand new. Customer service were helpful and efficient - all round brilliant service i couldn’t recommend more highly.

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