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As you prepare to move out of your home in Belgravia, the daunting task of deep cleaning to secure your deposit can overshadow the excitement of your new beginning. End of tenancy cleaning often requires far more effort than routine chores, creating a stressful pre-move environment.

The worry over missing crucial cleaning areas such as behind appliances or inside cabinets can escalate quickly. Without meticulous attention, these oversights could lead to partial or total loss of your deposit—a financial hit when you least need it.

Monster Cleaning specializes in end of tenancy cleaning across Belgravia, offering comprehensive services that cover every inch of your rental. Our professionals ensure that your home is pristine, helping you claim your full deposit with ease.

Expect The Best Results With Our End of Tenancy Cleaning In Belgravia!

End of TenancyAs a company that has a lot of years in the cleaning industry under its belt we can agree with you that moving out can get tought – all you want to do is enjoy your new home but you have other responsibilities, one of which happens to be the final cleaning. Luckily, our team can offer to take care of the cleaning and prepare the property for the final inspection! All you have to do is contact us and we will take it from there. Our team will gather information about the property so that you can be quoted a price for the service. We would also kindly ask of you to provide running hot water, electricity, a defrosted fridge, and a property that is empty of any personal belongings so that our cleaners are able to provide the best results!When it comes to the cleaning, our team will arrive on-site fully equipped and prepared. Our company always provides them with a checklist which will be given to you at the end of the cleaning.

Some of the things on this agency-approved checklist includes dusting all surfaces, deep cleaning all rooms on the property, removing cobwebs, hoovering and mopping the floors, domestic level cleaning of all appliances on the property (for example, spraying and wiping the oven with a powerful detergent), sanitizing the bathrooms and removing water stains, limescale, etc.

Our company wants you to know that it’s extremely important for us to prepare the property for the final inspection as well as to get back your deposit without any issues so we will provide you with a 48-hour guarantee. This means that if you aren’t fully satisfied with the cleaning our team will come back and reclean the property for free within 48 hours of the first service!

Additional Services To Consider Booking?

In some cases, booking an additional service with us is recommended depending on the state of the property. Here are some common services people also book:
Carpet Cleaning

If there are any carpets present on the property, then our team will hoover them, but if they are covered in dirty patches and/ or stains, then we need to deep clean them using steam so that these impurities can be removed.

Also, if your landlord/ agency requires you to present steam cleaned carpets – book this service!

Upholstery Cleaning

If the upholstery present on the property hasn’t been cleaned in a long time or it looks really dirty (has stains, smells bad, or/ and has dirty patches), then this additional service is recommended for ensuring a smooth final inspection!

Oven Cleaning

When the oven in the property hasn’t been cleaned in a few years or has been neglected then a deep clean is recommended.

As a part of our End of Tenancy, our team will spray and wipe it with special detergents, however, if there are greasy stains, burnt food, and build-up they would need to use something stronger. As a part of our Additional Oven Cleaning, they will disassemble all the removable parts and deep clean them separately.

Window Cleaning

An additional service recommended when the exterior of the windows is dirty and streaky.

If your agency/ landlord requires you to present spotless windows (both interior and exterior) then consider booking this cleaning as well!

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Satisfaction Statements

Dalian Salmon


We are a cleaning company too that strive on standard and quality services to our clients. We've reached out to Monster Cleaning for help with an oven clean. Our expectation was nothing less than satisfactory and high standard. They delivered. Great professional service from customer service to field job. Before and after pictures provided and updates during the cleaning process. Definitely use again and highly recommend.

Peter-Joseph Hegarty

Peter-Joseph Hegarty


I was very happy with the service (oven cleaning) provided by Monster Cleaning Services. The young man who cleaned my oven was very conscientious and methodical in stripping it down and cleaning it, and was most helpful in explaining various points to me. In addition, Stan (in the office) gave me useful links for replacement parts and advised me on pricing. All in all, I would be happy to use Monster again.

Jonathan Hann

Jonathan Hann


The service was phenomenal. Couldn’t be more impressed by the quality of the cleaning. Paid for an ‘end of tenancy’ service and carpet clean. Everything was spotless and the showers, fridge, freezer and oven (which was wrecked) looked brand new. Customer service were helpful and efficient - all round brilliant service i couldn’t recommend more highly.