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As your lease in Whitton nears its end, the daunting task of end-of-tenancy cleaning looms large. This isn’t a routine dusting but a thorough cleanse required to secure your deposit—a critical yet overwhelming process.

Imagine scrubbing every inch, cleaning behind appliances, and ensuring the oven is grease-free. Missing even a small detail could mean a chunk of your deposit withheld, adding unnecessary stress to your move.

Monster Cleaning in Whitton alleviates this stress with our professional end-of-tenancy cleaning services. We ensure every corner shines, helping you pass your final inspection with ease and secure your full deposit return.

End of Tenancy Cleaning In Whitton Available 7 Days A Week

Our End of Tenancy Cleaning in Whitton is available seven days a week, believe it or not. We really do have such a flexible schedule and we are always available for your cleaning needs no matter what day it is. And the best part is that we do not charge extra just because it is a Saturday or Sunday. Our prices remain the same throghout the week.

We are very proud of our pricing system because it allows us to be affordable. This is possible because our cleaning is not hourly-based, therefore, instead of paying by the hour, the price is calculated according to the size of the property. You can see just how much money you will save by giving us a call and requesting a free quote.

Another great benefit of our pricing system is actually the fact that our team is able to stay on-site for as long as necessary and clean the property according to the highest industry standards. This is the reason why we are a leading provider of moving out cleanings – because we are professional, efficient, organized, and experienced.

We have though of everything and we will even bring all cleaning supplies that will be used, free of charge, as a part of the service. With us, you really have nothing to worry about because passing your final inspection will be easy. Just give us a call then sit back and relax while we deep clean the property to perfection.

The only things we do need you to do is make sure that the property has electricity, running hot water, and no personal belongings left. These requirements are necessary because they ensure our team is able to properly clean the place and cover the high requirements for a final inspection.

Our End of Tenancy Cleaning in Whitton is performed by following a checklist that is both detailed and agency-approved. In this list, all the chores that will be completed are written such as cleaning appliances, removing cobwebs, cleaning windows, mirrors, skirting boards, hoovering carpets and upholstery, cleaning cupboards and wardrobes inside and out, sanitizing the bathrooms, removing limescale, etc.

You might also be wondering whether we have a guarantee for a free reclean – and we do! Our guarantee can be used within 48 hours of the first appointment and it will give you a piece of mind.

Additional Services You Can Book

We can assist with our Deep Carpet Cleaning which is a service we specialize in. We use hot water extraction to eliminate all of the accumulated impurities off of the carpet, leaving it spotless and prepared for the inspection.

We can assist with our Deep Upholstery Cleaning which is a service we specialize in. We use hot water extraction to eliminate all of the accumulated impurities off of the upholstery, leaving it spotless and prepared for the inspection.

We can assist with our Deep Oven Cleaning which is a service we specialize in. We will take the glass door apart and disassemble the removable parts so that everything can be cleaned separately for better results. All burnt food, stains, and other impurities such as grease will be removed.

We can assist with our Exterior Window Cleaning which is a service we specialize in. We use water-fed poles to reach the exterior and purified water for the cleaning so that the windows are not only clean but are also free of any streaks.

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Satisfaction Statements

Dalian Salmon


We are a cleaning company too that strive on standard and quality services to our clients. We've reached out to Monster Cleaning for help with an oven clean. Our expectation was nothing less than satisfactory and high standard. They delivered. Great professional service from customer service to field job. Before and after pictures provided and updates during the cleaning process. Definitely use again and highly recommend.

Peter-Joseph Hegarty

Peter-Joseph Hegarty


I was very happy with the service (oven cleaning) provided by Monster Cleaning Services. The young man who cleaned my oven was very conscientious and methodical in stripping it down and cleaning it, and was most helpful in explaining various points to me. In addition, Stan (in the office) gave me useful links for replacement parts and advised me on pricing. All in all, I would be happy to use Monster again.

Jonathan Hann

Jonathan Hann


The service was phenomenal. Couldn’t be more impressed by the quality of the cleaning. Paid for an ‘end of tenancy’ service and carpet clean. Everything was spotless and the showers, fridge, freezer and oven (which was wrecked) looked brand new. Customer service were helpful and efficient - all round brilliant service i couldn’t recommend more highly.