Opening your oven and being overwhelmed by the nasty smells coming out of it is definitely not pleasant. Seeing all of the greasy stains, leftover burnt food, oil, and other impurities all over the interior of your oven is also not ideal, right?

But your oven has a self-clean function, therefore, all of the above is not a huge problem, right?


There are a million reasons as to why you want to stay away from using it. Let us explain to you why using the self-clean function is such a bad idea.

The risk of damaging important hardware pieces

The number one problem with the self-clean function is the amount of reported damaged hardware pieces after the oven is done “cleaning itself”.

After all, the self-clean function will only heat the oven to around 500°C. So many things can go wrong especially if your oven isn’t brand new and it has been used a couple of years. For example, some components in the oven can melt due to the high temperature.

So if you are planning on letting your oven clean itself then be prepared to possibly experience some major damage.

The risk of produced harmful gases

When you turn the self-clean function and your oven heats up around 500°C it can break down certain food particles, that is correct. However, this process can create carbon monoxide which is an extremely dangerous gas.

Does your oven have a Teflon coating? If so then keep in mind that such high temperatures can produce toxic fumes which can cause some major health problems. For example, it can cause coughing, chills, sweating, trouble breathing, etc.

If there were sugary foods in the oven and they spilled then the high temperature can cause a lot of excessive smoke. If after all you are still determined to turn the self-clean function please make sure to open all of the windows in your kitchen as well as turn on the ventilation hood.

The self-clean function can make your oven even harder to clean

If there are larger chunks of food in your oven then the high temperatures might cook them and drive them further into the surface of your oven. This won’t clean your oven but have the opposite effect making the interior even harder to clean.

The risk of fire hazard

If there are way too many food chunks and oils that haven’t been removed before turning the self-clean function on then they can actually catch on fire. You always need to be careful with such a high temperature.

What can I do instead of using the self-clean function?

We know that you are probably extremely annoyed by all of the information we gave you. We also know that you are asking yourself what can you do instead of using the self-clean function.

Of course, we have a couple of cleaning methods that do not hide any risks and are a lot more effective.

– Use the “Steam Cleaning Method”

It’s very simple – turn your oven to 180°C and place a pan full of water in there. Let it run for an hour so that the steam has a chance to loosen all of the grime, grease, and burnt food.

Once you take the pan out all you need to do it wipe the interior and remove all of the impurities.

– Use the “Baking Soda Cleaning Method”

This cleaning method is perfect when the interior of your oven is way too dirty.

You want to mix ½ a cup of baking soda with 3 tablespoons of water and create a paste. Then you need to spread the paste all over the interior of your oven and let it sit for at least 10 hours.

Then spray some vinegar all over the baking soda and water paste. Grab a sponge and start wiping away the mixture.

– Contact us

If you do not feel like cleaning your oven on your own but you still want it to look spotless then get in touch with us. We can offer you our Oven Cleaning. Our cleaning technicians will make sure that all of the grease, oil, burnt food, nasty smells, germs, and other impurities that are covering the interior of your oven are completely removed.