Hard Floor CleaningAlthough floor cleaning is not the toughest or most complex of cleaning chores in the average residential or commercial property, doing it properly requires time, effort and resources on a regular basis. Not many home or business owners have the time and energy to invest hours on end in floor cleaning day and day out. As mentioned, floor cleaning is not too complex but fact is that most properties are fitted with multiple flooring surfaces requiring specific set of cleaning products and equipment to be used.

If you don’t feel like spending hours in mopping floors and lugging around heavy buckets, then by all means use Monster Cleaning’s professional floor cleaning service – it is the better, more practical and efficient alternative to doing the chore on your own. Our floor cleaning experts will visit your address fully equipped with the necessary products and materials – they know their work inside out and will apply the correct cleaning product as per the type and condition of the (non-hard) flooring surfaces being cleaned. Dealing with spills and stains which are common problem for most flooring will be no problem – the cleaners will pre-treat affected areas in order to ensure complete stain removal. Generally, our cleaning treatments are perfectly safe and suitable for all types of non-hard floors but please be advised that surfaces suffering from structural or mechanical damage may not be subject to cleaning as this might make matters worse.

Monster Hard Floor CleaningFor high traffic areas which see lot of use on a daily basis, we might also suggest floor sealing. Floor sealing is done using special products at the end of the cleaning process. Sealing the floor protects its from certain types of mechanical and chemical damage, though sealing must be done on a regular basis for best results and maximum protection.

The cleaning systems and products we apply are nontoxic and safe for indoor application. All the products we use will dissolve and evaporate without trace or residue shortly after cleaning. Floors which haven’t been cleaned in a while, will need some extra time and effort so please bear with our cleaning teams for the time being. The more often you subject flooring to specialised cleaning the better. Professional cleaning treatments will not only keep the floor looking better for longer but will also ensure healthier indoor hygiene – particularly important if young children or people with respiratory conditions occupy the premises.

Our floor cleaning service is available as one off or on a regular basis. Our fixed schedule floor cleaning options are ideal for busy home or office owners who wish to keep floors clean and neat at all times but don’t really have the time or means to do so. We can visit your address on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. As always, the floor cleaning service we offer can be requested in combination with another cleaning solution we provide like gardening.