Welcome to our gallery. Here you can find some of the things we’ve cleaned. We know how important it
is for a customer to not only read about our services and what we can do but actually see for themselves
what we are capable of in order to work with us. That’s why we decided to gather and show you a small
piece of the End of Tenancy, Oven, Carpet pictures we’ve taken throughout the years. The gallery
consists of both clean as well as before and after pictures. We have cleaned some things that are in a
pretty bad state, but we decided not to include them and protect your stomach. But know that we have
dealt with almost any types of challenges and nothing really scares or intimidates us. We are prepared for

With our wide range of cleaning services you can choose what you need performed in your property on
our Services page. You can read all about the process and the cleaning itself there as well.
If you are interested in booking us, go to our Contact Us page or dial 0333 555 2076.