House CleaningPeople’s homes are usually their most valuable material asset and as such homes require proper cleaning attention on a regular basis. House cleaning is an ongoing process – the more often it is done, the less effort and energy it takes to yield the required results. The longer the house is neglected – the tougher cleaning is going to be. Furthermore, keeping the house clean and neat is not just about vacuuming the carpet and mopping the floor. The basket of cleaning chores presented by the average home is abundant with specific cleaning tasks which can be both tricky and frustrating to deal with.

Instead of spending hard earned free time and precious energy on tedious and time consuming domestic cleaning chores, Monster Cleaning can offer you our specialised house cleaning service as the more practical, sensible and efficient alternative to doing everything on your own.

Worried about the cost? Don’t be, our professional house cleaning comes minus the usual high costs typical to other service providers. We know that customers need adequate pricing and genuine value for money so this is what we deliver. The pricing of our house cleaning service corresponds to the scale and complexity of the request. We will do our best to meet any specific budget requirements of our customers.

Monster House CleaningCleaning results are just as important for our customers as price. In order to yield consistent, high quality results throughout the house, we use only industry grade cleaning products and materials designed to reduce cleaning time and minimise resource waste. We do not use any toxic chemicals or harsh cleaning solvents as we care for the health and wellbeing of our customers and their loved ones. Wherever possible we apply natural formula cleaning products which is also good news for the environment.

Our domestic cleaning is a flexible and versatile cleaning solution which can be altered to suit specific purposes, preferences and requirements. If people need the entire house perfectly cleaned from top to bottom – our diligent and well-organised cleaning teams will handle the job with utmost precision and efficiency. If what’s needed is cleaning of specific rooms like kitchen, toilet, bathroom etc. our cleaners will focus their effort and attention on the specified zones of the house.

All work carried out by professional cleaning technicians especially skilled in the specifics of house cleaning.

Since we want to make our service more convenient and comprehensive, customers have the option to include additional cleaning tasks as part of the default house cleaning format we provide. Whether that be specialised carpet or upholstery cleaning or window and sofa cleaning, just let us know and we will reformat the service in order to cover your needs in full without too many additional costs or making a fuss.

House cleaning services are booked for all days of the week, no exceptions. Our service hours will work around customers’ schedule and availability, just like our ironing services.