Every dog owner knows that maintaining a clean living space is a challenge – especially when your dog is still a puppy.

So how can you keep your home spotless? How can you prevent your dog from making a mess? How to deal with the shedding of their fur? Well, our team has gathered all of the tips and tricks you need to follow!

– Vacuum Every Day

We know that vacuum cleaning the floors every day sounds like a nightmare but it actually won’t take you longer than 10 minutes! It’s a necessary step to take if you want to maintain your home spotless.

But here is the catch – don’t vacuum only the floors but all upholstery as well especially if your dog is able to get up on the couch on their own!

– Buy A Lint Roller

If you have a dog then lint rollers will become your new best friend. It’s the easiest way to remove fur from furniture, pillows, curtains, etc.

You can also easily remove fur from your clothing and this comes in handy when you want to wear a black outfit!

– Trim Your Dog’s Nails Regularly

If you have hardwood flooring in your home then this is a must! Your dogs’ nails should always be short and trimmed otherwise you will suffer from scratches all over the flooring.

– Give Your Dog A Bath

Another important step you need to take if you want to maintain your home clean is to give your dog a bath. Of course, you should avoid shampooing them too often but a quick rinse so that any dirt, mud, and impurities on their fur can be removed is a must!

– Wipe Their Paws After A Walk

Never allow your dog to go straight into your home after a walk. You always need to wipe the paws first.

You can use baby wipes to do so! You can also clean them in the sink with running water and soap depending on your dogs’ temperament.

– Clean The Area Around Food Bowls Every Day

When dogs eat they make a huge mess. It’s like a kid is eating, right? This is why you need to clean up after your dog has finished eating.

Also, don’t forget to wash the food bowls in hot soapy water!

– Wash Your Dogs’ Toys

Either throw them in the washing machine or clean them by hand depending on the type of toy.

You also need to wash their bed once every two weeks!

– Be Quick When Accidents Happen

This mostly applies for puppies that haven’t been potty trained yet. You need to be prepared to deal with any accidents quickly which means that you should have a stain remover.