Everyone wants to have a spotless home. That is why you spend so much time cleaning it on a daily basis. You wipe all the dust, you mop the floors, you vacuum your carpets, you clean your kitchen appliances, and so much more.

But how often do you pay attention to smaller details like your upholstery? After all, you can never fully achieve a spotless home if you neglect certain areas which are indeed important like your mattress!

Even if you can’t notice your mattress is covered in dirt, dust, dead skin cells, sweat, and all sorts of other impurities which it is exposed to on daily basis. If you haven’t had it cleaned in a long time then chances are it is even dirtier than your toilet!

Once all those things build-up then your mattress becomes the perfect breeding ground for germs – and no one wants that, right?

Your Sheets Don’t Protect It!

Many people think that the sheets are enough to protect their mattresses from all those impurities which, unfortunately, is wrong.

Your sheets are capable of trapping a really low percentage of dust and impurities. Of course, it is still important to change them at least once a week and wash them.

What Are The Benefits Of Deep Cleaning Your Mattress?

– Cleaner Air

When a mattress is dirty it means that it has absorbed a lot of dirt and dust which gets released into the air when you lay down. This pollutes the air in your bedroom – and we all know people spend around 8 hours sleeping in their bedroom.

Have you noticed that no matter how often you dust all surfaces in your bedroom – there is still a layer of dust the next day? Well, that is due to a dirty mattress.

– Allergies Under Control

A dirty mattress triggers allergies. Not only will this disrupt your sleeping cycle but it is also bad for your health.

If you wake up in the middle of the night because you need to blow your nose yet you aren’t sick then simply deep clean your mattress – it will make all the difference!

– No More Skin Problems

Rashes, breakouts, and acne are a few skin problems you might suffer due to sleeping on a dirty mattress. This is, of course, due to all the trapped impurities, bacteria, the absorbed sweat, and skin cells.

In order to prevent those serious skin problems, you might want to consider deep cleaning your mattress.

– Long Mattress Lifespan

There is a saying that if you take care of things they will last longer. Well, this applies to your mattress as well!

When you remove those impurities when necessary they won’t be able to ruin the mattress!

How To Clean Your Mattress?

– Book Our Mattress Cleaning Service Twice A Year

We need to start off by reminding you that a mattress needs to be deep cleaned by professionals twice a year. Our company uses special cleaning methods which easily extract the impurities without the risk of damage.

No matter how hard you try you can’t deep clean it on your own. We do not advise you to try any “cleaning recipes” which are all over the internet because the risk of damaging it is way too high.

– Maintain It Clean By Taking Certain Steps

Of course, in between our visits, there are simple steps you can take to maintain it clean by yourself.

Wash the mattress cover once a month

Changing and washing the sheets at least once a week is very crucial, however, you also need to pay attention to the mattress cover and wash it once a month!

Deodorize the mattress once a month

Whenever you wash the mattress cover you should also deodorize the mattress. How to do that? The most simple way is to sprinkle baking soda, let it sit for a few hours, vacuum the powder, and put back the mattress cover.

Our cleaning technicians also recommend you to mix the baking soda with your favourite essential oil if you want your bedroom to have a nice scent!

Don’t forget your pillows

While we are on the topic of maintaining your mattress and bedroom clean we cannot forget the pillows. Just like your mattress, they do absorb dirt, dust, germs, oils, sweat, and all sorts of other impurities.

You can simply throw them in your washing machine and wash them as usual at least twice a year.