As you probably know, your carpet is a huge magnet for all sorts of impurities and germs – from dirt, dust, pet hairs, and other debris to harmful bacteria that need to be removed otherwise your carpet will become a breeding ground for germs – and no one wants that in their home, right?

This is why we have always specialized in Professional Carpet Cleaning, however, we typically use steam, detergents, and shampoos all of which are powerful, gentle, and super effective in removing all those impurities and nasty germs, dirty patches, bad odours, etc. – but we know some of you prefer natural cleaning methods and you want to avoid harsh detergents at all cost!

This is why we decided to search for ways to implement using only natural ingredients instead of the commercial detergents and shampoos we normally use. We are aware that some of our customers have strong allergies which can get triggered by the strong scent and some ingredients in our detergents – and we didn’t want this to stop you from booking a Carpet Cleaning because it really is an important service for maintaining a healthy and clean living space!

Thankfully, we managed to find a gentle and powerful all-natural way to clean carpets – and today, we will tell you all about it!

It’s no secret that the material of which carpets are made is extremely delicate and the cleaning methods used need to be gentle in order to avoid damage. In general, using natural ingredients to clean a carpet is a pretty difficult job because the risk of damaging the fibers or leaving stains is pretty high which is why we do not recommend you perform the cleaning on your own!

Our team of experts managed to figure out a way to implement one natural ingredient in the cleaning of a carpet that is safe and won’t damage the fibers – and this ingredient is distilled white vinegar! After a lot of tests we made, we came to the conclusion that distilled white vinegar is the perfect natural ingredient to use because it has the power to disinfect, remove dirty patches as well as deodorize the carpet making it the perfect natural alternative to our detergents!

When we clean a carpet with natural ingredients, we still use our steam cleaning machines that are a part of our standard service, however, instead of adding detergent to them, we add a mixture of vinegar and hot water. Yes, we dilute the vinegar with water because this ingredient is way too strong to be used on its own plus it may leave a bad odour! Also, we wanted to implement the benefits of hot water extraction – further sanitizing the carpet and extracting all the impurities!

And just like that, our team can still deep clean your carpet with only natural ingredients – all impurities will be extracted and all germs will be removed. Unfortunately, there is one downfall to using only vinegar and hot water – the mixture isn’t powerful enough to remove stains so please keep that in mind!

Will The Vinegar Leave A Bad Smell?

A pretty common question that we get whenever customers learn we use vinegar when we naturally clean carpets is whether it leaves a bad smell – and the answer is no. As we previously stated, we dilute the vinegar in hot water so it doesn’t smell that much. Also, the vinegar evaporates with the water so it only smells for a couple of minutes during the service.

Upon request, we can add your favourite essential oil to the mixture so there is a nice scent left after the service is finished. We highly recommend lavender or tea tree essential oils because they have antibacterial properties!

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If you do require an All-natural Carpet Cleaning then please contact us at 0333 555 2076 and tell our customer service agents. They will book your appointment whenever it’s convenient for you and they will warn our cleaners to bring all necessary equipment.