Have you ever heard of Pets Yoga? It’s exactly what it sounds like – yoga but with a fun twist… being surrounded by adorable puppies, kittens, and even bunnies. It’s the perfect thing to do especially after all the lockdowns we have had over the past year.

These yoga classes are perfect both for beginners and for advanced levels so even if you have never attended a yoga class in your life, we are certain you will have an amazing time. And even if you don’t enjoy yoga, we can guarantee that you will love these classes… after all, you will have so many pets to play with that you won’t even pay attention to how tired you are by the end of the class! In fact, your brain would have released so much dopamine and oxytocin (both of which are the chemicals of happiness) that you won’t even feel like you have worked out!

The Pets Yoga has Yoga with puppies, yoga with kittens, and yoga with bunnies – you get to choose which class you want to attend!


A lot of people love the concept of Pets Yoga and go as often as their schedule allows them to but many are wondering where do all these animals actually come from?

Well, to answer your question, all pets are invited to the classes through charities and reputable breeders. They are brought to the yoga class to socialize with people so they can get adopted later. This is why all the pets in this class are between the ages of 8 to 13 weeks old – as this is when it’s most important for puppies and kittens to socialize and build confidence. Of course, they are healthy and vet-checked!

All animals are taken care of and given the needed rest so they don’t get overwhelmed, tired, or stressed between all yoga classes scheduled for the day.


What Does This Yoga Class Include?

Since most people visiting Pets Yoga pay more attention to the animals rather than the actual yoga, each class starts with time for everyone to cuddle and play with the puppies.

Then it’s time for the yoga, however, since all the animals are free to walk around and run during the session, it’s pretty hard to focus on what the instructor is doing. Overall, it’s an incredible experience and we highly recommend you visit at least once!


How Clean Is Pets Yoga?

We are more than happy to announce that Monster Cleaning is in charge of taking care of the cleanliness of the venue where Pets Yoga is held. Many of you know that our team is fully trained and has over a decade of experience making us perfect for Business customers such as Pets Yoga!

We make sure to both clean and disinfect the entire venue before and after each session – so not only are all animals safe but all customers enjoy their time in a spotless environment!

We can also guarantee that Pets Yoga is extremely fun and you will leave feeling not only relaxed but happy due to all the adorable animals you will play with.

As you can probably imagine, the tickets do sell out extremely quickly so if you are interested in Pets Yoga then definitely make sure you are fast with getting a ticket!