Lime is an electric bike that has become such a trend in the UK. The first ones were introduced in Brent and Ealing in December.
They have a 250W motor, the battery can assist you for 50+ miles of riding. The Lime bike is limited to 14.8mph. It’s tracked by GPS so that Lime can maintain the bikes and change the batteries whenever they need changing.
They are with a remote lock and you can find them anywhere meaning they do not have special parking locations.

How does it work?

They have an app where the nearest bike will be located for you. It’s £1 to unlock the bike and it’s 15p per minute of riding.
When you are located with a bike you will need to scan the QR code on it in order to unlock it. And you are ready.
Through the app, you can see the battery level. As we previously said, Lime knows where the bikes are and they are being tracked via GPS.