Have you ever thought about what your dream job is? Perhaps, it involve you sitting on a beautiful beach on an island in Australia? If so then your dream position actually exists…

Full-time paid position living “in paradise on a tropical island”

Can you believe a job fits this description? Well, The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority in Australia are looking for a caretaker for Low Isles which is 15 kilometres off Port Douglas in far north Queensland.

The caretaker needs to ensure that the natural and heritage values of the island are maintained. Of course, even though this job sounds appealing, it still is a job – and maintaining an island is not the easiest task on the planet which is why it isn’t suitable for everyone.

One of the cons of being a caretaker is that electricity and water use are limited.

A job with many responsibilities

The caretaker basically needs to do it all – from maintaining buildings and infrastructure, the solar power system, the sewerage treatment system to cleaning toilets, dealing with tourists, managing weeds, counting bird population and much more.

The last day of applying for this job is Friday, September 25.