There is going to be areas with freezing fog tonight that will slowly clear tomorrow morning.

There is a warning of ice and fog from The Met Office issued for Wednesday evening (January 30).

The areas of freezing fog will form on Wednesday night around 10 pm and will slowly clear around 11 am on Thursday morning.

A spokesman for The Met Office said that Wednesday night would be very cold across England with areas of freezing fog forming. He also said that the visibility would be very poor, around 100m. ‘’Icy conditions are also possible’’ – he added.

On Thursday morning it will also be cold, with temperatures at -3°C around 6 pm. It will peak at 3 pm at 3°C but will feel like -2°C.

Thursday night the temperature will be around 2°C feeling like -1°C. Friday will remain chilly – around 3°C at noon, feeling like 0°C.

The early evening on Thursday (January 31) in Surrey will be cloudy with snow.

What does a yellow weather warning means?

The Met Office says that yellow warning could be issued for a range of weather situations like when it will cause some low-level impacts including disruption to travel in a few places.

They added that many people might be able to continue their daily activities but to some, there would be a direct impact to their routines.