There were major improvements made on the B13 bus route. New bus stop locations were made which makes transportation far easier and less stressful for all passengers.

Arthur Leathley, the London TravelWatch chairman, says that they have been waiting to introduce these new fixed bus stops which will turn transportation far more accessible for everyone. These bus stops are fixed so the driver is going to stop next to a curb that is the appropriate height so that the low floor, kneeling feature, and the wheelchair ramp could be used.

This, of course, makes traveling for older and disabled people far easier as well as people using wheelchairs.

These bus stops are very useful for people who have mobility restrictions, visually impaired passengers, and people who aren’t familiar with the area – they will indicate where the bus is going to stop.

Another benefit is the timetable that these busses run. This will allow passengers with information on where their bus should come on their mobile devices.