Office CleaningRunning a business effectively, even from the comfort of your own home office, is a hands-on experience which requires undivided attention and lots of commitment on a regular basis. This leaves people with little or no time and energy at all, to deal with office cleaning week in and week out. Having said, the office is where one does business, meets customers and business partners on a daily basis, as such the office needs to be kept clean, neat and fresh as much as possible. A clean office not only shows respect for the business, its owner and its customers, but also provides for a healthier, more productive work environment.

Monster Cleaning offers business customers access to efficient and affordable office cleaning service, guaranteed to yield industry standard cleaning results all round. Our office cleaning is a fully comprehensive service which covers all rooms and areas of the workplace. The cleaning process itself is conducted by specially trained and qualified cleaning technicians who know the specifics of commercial property cleaning maintenance. In order to reduce cleaning duration and ensure consistent, high quality results the cleaners use professional grade cleaning products and materials, this also reduces resource and material waste, thus allowing for a more cost efficient cleaning process.

Extra attention will be paid to heavy duty zones of the office such as common rooms, kitchen and sanitary facilities etc. as these see a lot of daily use and must be kept clean and fresh at all times. Should customers have any specific cleaning requirements, please inform the cleaners upon arrival and they will make sure there is perfect hygiene where it’s needed most. Naturally, our cleaners will be extra careful when dusting and cleaning delicate and expensive office electronics and equipment.

Monster Office CleaningWe know that owners and managers cannot shut down the business for the day in order to have the office cleaned as this would translate to lost profits and unhappy customers. Because of this we maintain flexible, week round schedule and will be more than happy to conduct the office cleaning out of business hours such as weekends, early mornings or evenings. If the cleaning cannot be done outside peak hours, cleaners will go about their duties with minimum disruption to any business taking place at the office and be out of there as soon physically possible.

In order to make our office cleaning options even more efficient and convenient, Monster Cleaning offers regular office cleaning. The frequency and duration of the fixed schedule office cleaning visits depends entirely on customer preferences and availability. We usually send the same cleaners for our regular services as this increases efficiency, and also reduces cleaning time. Customers can request different cleaners at any time. For cancellation or rescheduling of regular cleaning visits we will need at least two days’ prior notice. Apart from that office cleaning is booked for all days of the week, no exceptions, just like our one off cleaning.