Oven CleaningOven cleaning is hard work and takes a lot of time and effort. On the same note, the oven is one of the hardest working appliances in the average kitchen and as such it needs proper cleaning to keep it working safely and efficiently. As mentioned, effective oven cleaning takes a decent amount of time and lots of elbow grease, plus so called conventional oven cleaning products usually contain harsh chemicals and aggressive solvents – exposure to which should be avoided at minimum.

If looking for a more manageable and efficient way to keep the oven clean and fresh at all times, then you definitely need our professional oven cleaning service. We know how tough and demanding oven cleaning chores really are so our specialised oven cleaning service is just as tough on stains and grime. The cleaning systems and products we use are perfectly safe and suitable for all types of ovens such as conventional, gas operated, fan forced and self-cleaning models. We will not apply any harsh scours or aggressive solvents which may damage or affect the properties and appearance of coatings and surface finishes inside and outside the oven itself. We will be extra careful when cleaning more delicate features like the door gasket (rubber seal), heating elements and glass door.

In order to yield consistent, high quality cleaning results, the oven will be cleaned separately from interior features like racks and grills which are first removed for separate cleaning, and then returned to their places inside the oven.

Monster Kitchen CleaningSo how do you know if the oven is need of cleaning? First of all, a dirty oven can be spotted from a mile away. Funny smells, oil residue, grease built up, burnt on food leftovers etc. are all tell-tale signs that the appliance is in need of some serious cleaning. Why clean the oven tough, isn’t it working fine as it is? Well, for starters a dirty oven will alter the taste and flavour of dishes you cook – the problem will persist for as long as the oven is left unattended.

Next – a dirty oven costs more to use. How so? Simple – the build-up and residue inside the oven will cause it to consume more power to do its job properly. A dirty oven takes longer to heat up and struggles to retain its set cooking temperature – both issues strain the appliance and make it consume more power. So it turns out oven cleaning is also economical.

Last but not least, a clean oven is a safe oven. In some more extreme cases of cleaning neglect, the oil stains and grease residue inside the oven may become a fire hazard (self-cleaning ovens make no exception – their self-cleaning cycle differs from normal use modes).

In a nutshell, our professional oven cleaning is a win – win situation for you. You get a perfectly clean oven without risk of damage, and without having to pay a small fortune to make it happen, just like our patio cleaning service.