The 26 stalls in the Chiswick Food Market helped raise over £1 million. Candy Clark’s Pads & Paws pet deli is one of them. A lot of people bring their pets every Sunday between noon and 2 pm.

The owner, Mrs. Clark, started making treats for dogs about five years ago. She uses recycled slaughterhouse food scraps from Tottingham Farm in East Sussex including ox liver, bovine phalluses, bacon teasers.

She says that all of her life she has been cooking for people but now she uses her skills for dogs.

The Chiswick Food Market was founded by Cathleen Healey in September 1999.

All the proceeds go back into the community. The charity work they do since 200 has raised over £1 million. With the money, they have built two new playgrounds and host activities on market days (easter egg hunts, wicker weaving, etc.).

Charlotte Stokes, who grew up with the market on her doorstep, says that it’s an amazing place to visit on weekends and says she is going to miss it once she leaves for the University of Manchester.