Ian Bruce, a 31-year-old teacher at Stoke Newington School, helped in raising over £30,000 for St Joseph’s Hospice during Hackney Half Marathon.

This hospice is the oldest and biggest ones in Britain – founded in Hackney in 1905.

Half of the funding comes from the NHS, the rest – raised through charity and donations.

Ian Bruce started helping the hospice when his mother died from a terminal form of cancer five years ago. At this time St Joseph’s offered support to his family when she decided to spend her last days at home.

He says he hates running but the cause is greater.

The fundraising events manager for St Joseph’s Hospice, Anna Lee, says that they had 102 runners supporting the cause this year.

The Hackney Half Marathon happens every year and takes place in Hackney.

This year, the marathon had over 17,000 runners and for the first time had sold out its entries.