Pubs and restaurants all across London are reopening again – and people were really happy about it.

Many couldn’t wait to go out for the first time in months and seem to share a similar opinion on the topic which is that everyone should keep their distance, have a few drinks, catch up with friends, be responsible, and try to get back to normal life.

Will pubs and restaurants be the same?

Given the circumstances, things won’t be the same however owners are doing their best to please their customers.

All of the opened restaurants and pubs prepared in advance and made sure that they were ready for the moment they open.

All of the tables are spaced, the staff is placed behind plastic counters, and they are wearing masks for protection. Guests will be limited to groups of six people and they need to keep a distance. The staff is obliged to register the customers’ names and keep them for 21 days so that any potential contamination can be traced back to easier.

Even though maintaining the atmosphere good might be challenging everyone is doing their best at providing their customers a good time.