Part of the projects is plumbing upgrades, boiler, new school buses.

The funding is provincial and is almost $2.2 ($2,194,054).

The money are for maintenance project. It includes plumbing upgrades at various schools through the School Enhancement program, three new school buses, boiler upgrades for the H.T. Thrift Elementary school.

For building envelope upgrades at Frost Road, Ocean Cliff, Westerman and Coyote Creek elementary schools there will be additional fundings.

These funding programs are all for ensuring students have well-maintained learning environments and safe buses.

The funding this year is around $500,000 more than last year.

The release says the funding programs are part of a $206 million provincial investment under the Annual Facilities grant, School Enhancement, Carbon Neutral Capital and Bus Replacement programs. The investments are mean “to ensure students have well-maintained learning environments and bus services that are safe, comfortable and efficient.”

Racha Singh, MLA for Surrey-Green Timbers says that all students deserve amazing learning environment so these investments are for them.