After living for years in the same house or flat, you have finally decided to change things and give your home a makeover. While most people think that they are obligated to break bank in order to hire an interior designer and make their residences trendy, the truth is that there are cheaper ways with which you can make your home beautiful and appealing. So, if you are interested into learning how you can overhaul your house or flat without draining your savings, keep reading.

Choose an overall colour scheme

Commence your renovation project by choosing an overall palette for your entire home. This will stop you from painting the different rooms in different colours that do not go well together. It will also permit you to choose more easily the perfect hue for each area of your house or flat. Most experts prefer working with neutral tones are they are easier to match with dark and light colours. They also are not as demanding and narrowing as vibrant hues. Keep in mind that studies show that colours affect people’s mood, so choose your overall palette carefully as you do not want to end up living in a home that frustrates you (orange has that effect on people).

Go with low furnishings

If you are living in a property with low ceilings, you can create the illusion that the rooms are much higher by placing low furniture. You should avoid creating horizontal patters by arranging your furnishings next to one another. Instead, spread them throughout the rooms and if necessary accompany them with tall and slim decorative elements to enhance furthermore the aforementioned illusion. Interior designers tend to use large mirrors that not only enlarge the area in which they are placed but also augment natural illumination.

Every room throughout your household should have a centrepiece that anchors it, and what better to use than antiques with an interesting past. If you do not possess any vintage objects, have no worries as you can easily purchase everything that you need for antique shops, Sunday markets and yard sales. Presently, more and more people are choosing to place clawfoot bathtubs in their bathrooms, as they are interesting remnants of the not so long gone past. You can also opt to arrange antiques throughout your living room and dining room and use them as conversational pieces when you receive guests.

Convert the window trims into decorative features

Most people paint their window frames white and miss the opportunity to transform into auxiliary decorative features. Instead of going with white, choose a colour that matched the overall tone scheme of your home, and use your trims to compliment it. By doing this, you will not only add a playful touch to your household but you will also create different illusions, as light-coloured frames will enlarge the room while dark hued trims will make it appear smaller. Moreover, some professionals tend to paint the window frames into the colours of landscape that is seen from them in order to blend them with the background and create a natural flow between the interior and exterior environment.

There is no need to flood your living room with a sofa, armchairs and ottomans, especially if the area is small. Sometimes all you need is a comfortable and beautiful three-person couch, complimented with a coffee table to create the perfectly furnished living room. In addition, since you will be placing just a sofa and nothing else in the area, you can afford to choose a more expensive piece of furniture that will serve you loyally for many years to come. You can add additional decoration by arranging colourful cushions on the couch.

Make your kitchen practical

Nowadays, storage space is never enough, especially in the kitchen. Interior designer solve this unpleasant issue by using the air space and installing shelves or additional kitchen cabinets in which people can keep their non-essential items. While this is a pragmatic solution of the problem, most people will say that the room will appear too packed, an issue that can quickly be solve by choosing the right colours, which are dark cabinets and light walls. This will create the illusion that the room is much tallest and larger. Once you are done mounting the additional cabinetry and repainting the walls, contact professional sanitation experts that provide affordable cleaning services in London to come and sanitise your kitchen from top to bottom, appliances included.

As some decorative experts would say, matching is overrated. Furthermore, matching dishware and silverware can be quite expensive. This is why, you should not be afraid to be different and combine flat utensils with vintage china. This bold move will not only allow you to save a significant amount of money but it will also permit you to showcase your creativity and sense of aesthetics.

People have been decorating their homes with carpets and rugs for centuries and it is still something that is trendy and eye-catching. Enhance curb-appeal of your home by arranging well-made and beautiful floor features throughout it. Down below are listed the different types of carpet and rug textures you can choose from:

Add a more dramatic touch to your household by painting the crown mouldings in a strong dark colour. While it may sound like a move that will create an intimating ambience, the truth is that it will give to the room a vintage appearance that will more or less mimic the feeling of some of the areas in which royalties used to live during the past centuries. Choose a colour that does not neutralise the hue of your window trims as it will ruin the entire palette of the room.

As you can see, altering the feeling of your house or flat does not have to be an expensive process.