Sofa CleaningSofas are delicate interior features, usually the focal point of many lounge and living rooms. At the same time, sofas see a lot of daily use and abuse therefore they need proper cleaning every so often. Problem with cleaning sofas is that they don’t tolerate conventional or aggressive cleaning treatments as most of the time such furniture pieces are finished using delicate surfaces and materials.

The most common hygiene issues affecting the sofa are contact with the human body and spills and stains sustained in the course of everyday use. We recommend dealing with such problems through our specialised sofa cleaning service or spring cleaning service. Monster Cleaning has the equipment and expertise to clean all types of natural and synthetic material sofas to a professional standard finish without risk of damage to the appearance or comfort properties of the sofa itself. The cleaning systems we apply are sparing and gentle on delicate surfaces and materials.

The entire sofa cleaning process takes place onsite – there will be no need to take the sofa to another location or wait for it to be returned after cleaning. The equipment we use allows for deep, effective cleaning of all sides, nooks and crannies of the sofa thus yielding uniform cleaning results. We are able to clean all size sofas, as well as additional features like cushions, removable arm rests, head rests etc.

Monster Sofa CleaningIn cases where we need to deal with stubborn organic or chemical stains, the cleaners will pre-treat the affected areas as to facilitate complete stain removal. Piece of advice from the professionals – even when tempted to clean stains and blemishes using conventional methods, please refrain from doing so as this would likely result in permanent damage to the sofa which cannot be reversed even by professional cleaning. Instead use our sofa cleaning treatment and save yourself a ton of unnecessary hassles and sofa repair costs later on.

Since different sofa sets are made of different materials, each of them requires a specific cleaning approach and application of the correct type and amount of cleaning products. Our specially trained and qualified cleaning technicians will review the type of finish/material used on your sofa and determine the most sparing yet effective way to clean it without risking damage or alteration. The cleaning technicians are skilled in the use and application of professional grade vacuuming systems and steam cleaning systems, if necessary they will also perform basic dry cleaning for those delicate sofa finish materials that require special handling.

Furthermore, when administered on a regular basis, our professional cleaning treatments will also prolong the life of the sofa finish and preserve its properties and vibrant colours for longer – saving money from untimely purchase and replacement with new sofa sets. Our sofa cleaning is affordable and delivers good value for money. The service is efficient and convenient, our cleaners will work as quickly as possible in order to be out of your way without any delays.