Nando’s has decided to give out free food this summer to all students on results day.

No matter if you are getting your A-Levels, GCSE or Scottish Highers – you can receive free food if you want. All you need to do is go to a Nando Restaurant and show them your results and your ID.

What can you get for free?

Either one quarter of a chicken or something from the fire-starter menu that is worth up to £4.10.

Some of the things on this menu include spicy mixed olives, red pepper dip, halloumi sticks and dip, peri-peri nuts.

A couple of disclaimers

  • In order to get these things, you will also need to spend at least £7.


  • Also, this offer is available only on the day when the results are being received.

This means that if you are getting your Scottish Highers you can get free things from Nando on the 6th of August, all A-Level students on the 15th of August, and everyone getting their GCSE on the 22nd of August.


  • Only results from 2019 are accepted.

So don’t try to be sneaky and give them results from previous years because you won’t succeed.