Here you can find the most frequently asked questions from Monster Cleaning‘s customers also read our terms and conditions
  • Do I have to be at home while you clean the place?
Even though we have no problem with you being at home while our cleaners do the job, great many of our customers are not there, so it is not mandatory at all.
  • Will the people cleaning at home will be the same every time?
We have noticed that it is preferable to send one and the same person for regular cleaning jobs. Naturally, if you do not feel comfortable with the cleaner coming to clean your home, we will replace them upon request from you.
  • If I hire you to clean my office, can you do it after working hours?
We carry out our cleaning services at the most comfortable time for the client. We will come clean your work place after business hours in order to avoid disturbances in your work process.
  • What if I am not happy with the results of the cleaning?
Customer satisfaction is very important to us, so if for some reason you are not happy with what our technicians have done, we will be make the necessary arrangements to correct the problem.
  • Do you do one-off household cleaning?
Of course. We are here for you at any time, for anything you need help with. When you need help with a one-off cleaning, just call us and we will arrange everything.
  • What type of cleaning products you use?
Generally we employ steam cleaning techniques and equipment for cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture. Those do not require any cleaning products. In cases when the use of cleaning products is necessary, we avoid using chemical substances that may cause health problems and allergic reactions. Green, organic products that are equally efficient are employed.
  • How often should I get my house cleaned?
We recommend to make use of our household cleaning service at least two times a week. Though it is different for every individual household. It depends on the size of your home, how many people live in it, do you have pets etc. Feel free to contact us for cleaning advice at any time.
  • Can you clean my carpets?
Yes, we have a very comprehensive carpet cleaning service which uses state of the art steam cleaning methods for best results in every situation.
  • What time can I choose for cleaning my place?
We work on standard business hours – 8.00 am – 5.00 pm. Naturally, we will come clean your place at a different time or in the weekend upon a request from you. We have a large team and a flexible schedule, so generally we are able to cover your preferences completely.
  • Can I cancel the service when I like to?
You can cancel our house cleaning service at any time you feel you want to. More about our cancelation policy you can learn from our Terms and Conditions or by contacting our customer support over the phone or email.