We can all definitely agree that taking care of a leather sofa is easier than any other fabric, however, you still need to clean it from time to time. And no, cleaning it doesn’t include wiping it with a wet wipe – you actually need to use a cleaner designed for leather so that you can remove all the accumulated impurities, otherwise, it will start to look worn out and no one wants their favourite upholstery to lose its beauty.

In order for your leather upholstery to look its best at all times, we have prepared a list of the best leather cleaners that we have used over and over again – so that you know which ones to get.


The 3 Best Leather Cleaners That Will Leave Your Leather Furniture In Excellent Condition

– HG Deep Cleaner for Leather

One of the best leather cleaners that many people recommend – including Monster Cleaning’s team, is the HG Deep Cleaner for Leather. It will take all the grime and dirt from the surface without actually damaging the leather which is the most important thing when it comes to leather cleaners.

This product is great for upholstery such as sofas and chairs but it’s also great for leather shoes, bags, and jackets.

The formula is water-based, will remove stains and impurities in just one application, and even though the bottle is small, you don’t need a lot of product so it will go a long way.


– Furniture Clinic Leather Care Kit

Another product that we recommend using is the Furniture Clinic Leather Care Kit – a kit that has everything you need for cleaning and caring for your leather furniture.

It comes with both a leather cleaner and a sponge to use for applying the product. It also has a protection cream that should be used once you are happy with how clean the surface is. Use the sponge to buff the cream in the fabric.

This leather protection cream is a condition that will keep the surface soft and protected from spills because it will add a protective layer.


– Stardrops Leather Clean and Feed

Another excellent choice for cleaning your leather furniture that we recommend is the Stardrops Leather Clean and Feed – it’s cheap, effective, comes in a huge bottle, and works very well.

We recommend this product for regular use – maybe once or twice a month, to freshen up the furniture and remove accumulated impurities.