Everyone deals with limescale in their bathroom from time to time – it’s normal so don’t worry too much about it. There are very powerful detergents on the market right now that will successfully lift the limescale and remove it without you having to apply too much pressure or having to scrub for hours.

Monster Cleaning has been in the industry for over a decade and our team has cleaned thousands of bathrooms – all of which had limescale in them. We know exactly which limescale remover to use in order to get rid of it – and today, we will recommend our favourite brands to you so you know which one to use.


The 3 Best Limescale Removers You Can Use In 2022

– Viakal Classic Limescale Remover

The one limescale remover that our team swears by and has been using for this entire year is the Viakal Classic Limescale Remover. It’s cheap and super powerful which makes it the perfect product to get.

What we love the most about this limescale remover is that you can apply it to the surface and leave it for a few minutes – and it will do the job for you so you won’t be scrubbing for hours. We also love that it leaves a special anti-limescale film on the surface that prevents future build-up.

This product comes in a spray bottle so it’s easy to use. And since it’s so strong, a little goes a long way so you will be using the bottle for a long time.


– Delphis Eco Professional Limescale remover

If you prefer using more natural products and you don’t enjoy your cleaning products being filled with chemicals then the Delphis Eco Professional Limescale remover is the product for you. You can use it on everything – faucets, shower heads, dishwashers, stainless steel, porcelain, toilets, and just about any other surface that can accumulate limescale.

Since this limescale remover is entirely plant-based, you won’t have any issues with allergies – and we know some of you avoid products with a lot of chemicals in them because of it.

And believe it or not, it is manufactured in the UK.


– HG Super Powerful Toilet Cleaner

Last on our list we have the HG Super Powerful Toilet Cleaner which is designed for cleaning really dirty toilets covered in brown limescale. Our team loves this product and uses it very often – so we recommend it to you.

Since this limescale remover doesn’t have hydrochloric acid in it, it won’t damage your toilet’s glaze and it won’t damage any stainless steel faucets.

It comes in a spray bottle so it’s easy to use. We recommend you spray it on the sides and under the rim of your toilet bowl and then leave it for half an hour so it can lift all the impurities and limescale. And no – you don’t need a brush and you don’t need to scrub. Just let the product work its magic and then simply rinse or flush the toilet – and you are ready.