You love burgers and you live in Dartford? Well, then this article is just for you because our team has decided to gather all of their favourite places offering the most delicious burgers and share them with you today!

The 4 Best Burger Places In Dartford You Must Visit


Richie’s Diner

First on our list, we have Richie’s Diner – an extremely well-known American diner located in Dartford that serves classic American dishes you are going to love. The main focus on their menu is burgers that are super tasty. We love visiting this place and we are certain you will enjoy it as well!

We usually start off with their Nachos (with melted cheese, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, chives) or the Southern Fried Chicken Tenders (served with BBQ sauce)!

Then we move on to their burgers. They have a lot of options! If you are a fan of beef burgers then go for the BBQ Burger (beef patty smothered in BBQ sauce with hash browns, red onion, sliced tomatoes, lettuce), The Hot One (beef patty, melted cheddar cheese, jalapeno peppers, homemade hot Louisiana sauce), the Mexican Chilli Burger (beef patty, cheddar cheese, homemade chilli con Carne, chips), or the Pittsburgh Greasy Burger (beef patty, melted cheddar cheese, gherkins, caramelized onions, mustard)!

If you prefer chicken burgers, order the Flaming Chicken Burger (grilled chicken fillet smothered in homemade Louisiana hot sauce, cheddar cheese, hash browns, lettuce), the Pulled Chicken Burger (grilled chicken fillet, cheddar cheese, homemade slow-cooked pulled chicken, BBQ sauce), or the Chicken’n’bacon Cheese Burger (grilled chicken fillet, bacon, lettuce, cheddar cheese)!

Address: Green Street Green Rd, Dartford DA2 8DP


The Beacon Beefeater

Next on our list, we have a beautiful pub with a stunning venue, an impressive menu full of delicious food, and excellent service. The Beacon Beefeater was first established in 1974 – and it was so successful that they now have over 140 locations across the UK. If you are a huge fan of burgers then you probably have already visited this place but if this is the first time you are hearing about The Beacon Beefeater – definitely go, you won’t be disappointed!

They have lovely starters – from their Buttermilk Chicken Goujons (served with a BBQ sauce) to their Cauliflower Popcorn (served with a BBQ sauce)!

When it comes to their burgers, they have 6 different unique options – some of which have a beef patty or chicken and some of which are entirely vegan!

If you do eat meat then we highly recommend The Double Crunch Burger (two chicken breasts with herbs, bacon, BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, a side of fries and slaw), The Big Dipper (two beef patties, pulled beef barbacoa, Cheddar cheese, bacon, homemade burger sauce, tomatoes, red onion, served with fries and red wine sauce), and The Chick ‘N’ Grill (chicken breast glazed in either BBQ sauce
or beer, bacon, homemade burger sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, served with fries and slaw)!

If you do not eat meat then go for The Hallo-Me Burger (grilled halloumi, mushroom, roasted red peppers, avocado, mayonnaise, onion, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion) or The Sloppy Joe (plant-based patty, homemade burger sauce, vegan cheese, green lentils, mixed peppers, soya, chipotle sauce)!

Address: Halcrow Ave, Dartford DA1 5PR


The Malt Shovel

Next on our list, we have another pub with a beautiful garden – The Malt Shovel! It’s a casual yet super stylish place with a traditional menu, of course, including burgers that are delicious! The service is also excellent and the prices are pretty affordable!

Starters include Fried halloumi (with sweet chilli sauce) and Sautéed prawns (with garlic bread).

Now, when it comes to their burger section on the menu, you will notice that they serve only three burgers – but they are quite different from one another which, in our opinion, is enough to make all customers happy regardless of their preferences. One of the burgers is an Aberdeen Angus beef burger, the other is with Piri-Piri chicken, and the third is vegan – the Moving Mountains burger!

All of them are served with chips and slaw, and you can decide whether you want to add cheese, bacon, or vegan cheese to them!

Address: 3 Darenth Rd, Dartford DA1 1LP


Horse & Groom

And last on our list is another pub we highly recommend you visit. It’s beautifully decorated – it has huge windows making it very bright, with wooden chairs, paintings covering the walls, and a huge piano as decoration, we are certain you will fall in love with this place. The view is also incredible and they even have a garden where you can sit!

The menu consists of a lot of traditional pub foods like Shepherd’s pie, steaks, and, of course, burgers!

Our favourite burger on the menu is definitely The Horse & Groom Gourmet Burger (beef patty, melted Emmental cheese, homemade bacon jam, tomato, served with fries and homemade coleslaw).

If you don’t eat meat then they have an incredible option for you as well – the Grilled halloumi burger (with grilled peppers, tomato, chipotle mayo, fries)!

And don’t forget to leave room for their desserts – especially their Homemade chocolate brownie and the Jamaican ginger cake (with toffee sauce, rum, and raisin ice cream)!

Address: 15 Leyton Cross Rd, Dartford DA2 7AP