If you love Chinese food then you are probably wondering which restaurants in Greenwich prepare the most delicious traditonal Chinese cuisine. Well, since our team enjoys going out and trying out different restaurants we decided to share our favourite Chinese restaurants in the area with you so you know exactly where to go next!

Per the collective expertise of our esteemed cleaners, we have concluded that the finest Chinese dining establishments in Greenwich amount to a total of four, as determined by our team.


Saikei Chinese Restaurant

First on our like is Saikei Chinese Restaurant – the largest Chinese restaurant in the area with a simple and casual interior where you can go enjoy a nice lunch or dinner. They also have 2 karaoke rooms which are super fun to try when you are with a group of friends.

We truly love their food and how incredible they cook. They have a separate menu for Dim Sum all of which are super tasty – we especially love the Prawn Dumplings, the Grilled Meat and Vegetable Buns, and the Peking Style Pork Dumplings but there are so many other incredible options!

We also really enjoy all of their traditional soups, the BBQ, seafood main dishes, the duck dishes, and the noodles. They have so much delicious food on their menu that you will most likely have a hard time choosing what to order but we guarantee that you are going to love everything!

When it comes to desserts, they have pretty interesting ones – for example, their Deep Fried Ice Cream and the Sweet Mango Pudding!

Address: 85 Bugsby’s Way, London SE10 0GD


Sichuan Restaurant and Karaoke Bar

If you are looking for a Chinese restaurant in Greenwich serving tasty food prepared from fresh ingredients then this is the right place for you! Our team loves going there because everything on the menu is super tasty!

We highly recommend trying out their Chicken with Chilli oil, the shredded chicken with noodles, the Fresh chilli and preserved duck egg in Sichuan chilli oil and the Fried shredded pork in Peking sauce. We also really enjoy their Cauliflower served in a dry wok, the Meat Wonton in spicy sauce and the Lobster with Dried chilli and Sichuan sauce.

As you can see, we have tried a lot of their dishes – and we keep on going back there because there are so many things we haven’t tried yet. This is why we recommend you visit – because the food is so tasty that you want to try everything!

Address: Millenium Leisure Park, Bugsby’s Way, London SE10 0QJ


Toomai Square

Another incredible Chinese restaurant on our list is Toomai Square. Their menu is a combination of Indian, Thai, and Chinese cuisine but the main focus is Chinese food.

They have plenty of traditional Chinese starters that we all love. They also have delicious soups, noodle dishes – we love the Singapore Noodles and the Pad Thai, as well as a few other traditional main Chinese dishes.

We do really enjoy going to Toomai Square – and if you happen to love Indian food as much as you love Chinese then this place will most likely become your new favourite restaurant!

Address: 5- 6 Lambarde Square, London SE10 9GB


Noodle Time

Noodle Time is a pretty well-known Chinese restaurant located in Greenwich. It’s a super casual and simple place with basic and modern decor. People love ordering takeout and home delivery so if you don’t feel like sitting there you can always order their delicious food and enjoy it at home!

They have traditional soups and starters – we love their Grilled Pork Dumplings and the Hot and Sour Soup! Next on their menu is the Steamed Dim Sum that we all love as well as the rice dishes, noodles, meat main dishes and the seafood main dishes.

We highly recommend their Singapore Vermicelli (with Shrimps, shredded pork & chicken, onion), the Chicken Fried Noodle, the Sweet and Sour Pork, the King Prawn in Oyster Sauce as well as the Beef in Szechuan Sauce.

Address: 10-11 Nelson Rd, London SE10 9JB