Our team really enjoys Chinese food – and can you blame us? It’s super delicious, full of vibrant colours and flavours.

We also really enjoy going out to Chinese restaurants in hopes of finding the best ones serving the yummiest food. This is why we decided to tell you more about our favourite Chinese restaurants in Hackney!

We have partaken in the sampling of various Chinese cuisine establishments in the Hackney borough, and we have arrived at the conclusion that these four purveyors of such delicacies are most deserving of our recommendation.


New Tastes

This family-run small restaurant really makes sure to serve some of the best Chinese home-cooked meals in Hackney which is why we encourage you to go whenever you are craving egg rolls, fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, etc.

On their menu, you can find delicious soups (the Sweet and Sour Crab Meat Soup is our favourite), incredible starters, chicken, beef, pork, vegetable dishes, noodles, rice dishes and so many other traditional meals!

We really enjoy the Lobster with onions and ginger, the Deep Fried Oyster, the Beef Curry, the Sweet and Sour Chicken, and the King Prawn Fried Soft Noodles.

Of course, as we told you, they have a lot of Vegetable dishes that are delicious!

Address: 183 Mare St, London E8 3QE


Chan’s Noodle Bar

Chan’s Noodle Bar is a takeout restaurant so they don’t have a dine-in area, however, this shouldn’t stop you from ordering. They also offer home delivery aside from takeout! The prices are super affordable yet the quality is incredible!

They do not use any artificial colouring or sweeteners making their meals both delicious and healthy. They also use only fresh ingredients and make a dish once it’s ordered – no cooking in bulk! Chan’s Noodle Bar makes sure to bring that home-cooked taste in all of their dishes which is why we like them so much!

They have delicious Sweet & Sour King Prawn Balls which are 6 in one serving for only £4.50. We also really enjoy the Chicken & Mushroom Soup (£2.80 only), the Beef Noodles Soup, Mixed Seafood With Crispy Noodles (£5.50), and the Fried Rice With Chicken In Satay Sauce!

Address: 181 Mare St, London E8 3QE


Joy PO

Joy PO is another amazing takeout restaurant offering only takeaway and home delivery.

They offer traditional soups, incredible starters, soft noodles, rice dishes, chicken, beef, seafood, sweet and sour dishes, and so much more. You can literally find everything on their menu which is why we strongly recommend you order from Joy PO!

We often order the Sweet and Sour Chicken Hong Kong Style, the King Prawns with Thai Sauce, the Tofu with Mixed Vegetables, and the Roast Duck with Pineapples!

Address: 73 Mare St, Cambridge Heath Rd, London E8 4RG


Mao Chow

Mao Chow is a vegan restaurant offering all-vegan Chinese food, however, even if you do eat meat we still highly recommend you visit this restaurant because you will be left surprised. Not only will you try something new but you will love it! A huge part of our team are meat-lovers yet they still often go to Mao Chow!

They serve super innovative and interesting meat-free dishes that everyone needs to try at least once! It’s a small casual restaurant that has only 12 seats so you might want to call and book a table before you go just so you aren’t disappointed if they are full!

We really enjoy their Chongqing Cauliflower (cauliflower, dried peanuts, chillies, mala powder), the Twice Cooked Rice Cakes (rice cakes with spicy douban sauce, celery, and chilli) as well as their Dan Dan Noodles (peanut noodles, spicy sesame, cucumber, pan choi).

Address: 159A Mare St, London E8 3RD