Chinese cuisine has a long history and a unique taste which is why we all love it so much. All Traditional Chinese dishes are tasty, have a unique appearance, and are vibrant in colour.

Monster Cleanings’ team has always enjoyed eating foods from around the world – and London has combined some of the best Chinese restaurants which is why we decided to combine our favourites located in Westminster.

The 4 Best Chinese Restaurants In Westminster According To Our Team

Ma La Sichuan

Ma La Sichuan’s menu is filled with exotic flavours and amazing dishes you need to try out. Zhang Xiaozhong, an award-winning chef, has created an exciting menu with irresistible meals that capture the sweet, sour and bitter tastes of Chinese cuisine.

You can find everything in Ma La Sichuan – rice, noodles, vegetables, tofu dishes, chicken/ pork/ lamb/ beef dishes, meals served in a small wok, seafood, soups, and even amazing desserts. If you don’t know what you want, you can spend a lot of time reading the menu – but in the end, it’s worth it because whatever you choose will be delicious!

And if you are a vegetarian then you will also be able to find some mouthwatering dishes like their tofu in black bean sauce!

Address: 37 Monck Street, London SW1P 2BL England


BaoziInn Soho

Baozilnn Soho offers some of the best dumplings in Westminster – and you need to try them if you haven’t already! They come with a variety of fillings – both for vegetarians and for non-vegetarians!

Regardless if you order their dumplings or not – all the food they offer is full of flavour so you won’t regret it!

Another recommendation our team has for you is their fried dishes – specifically Baoziinn fried platter (including fried chicken wings, fried tofu, and veg spring rolls), as well as their beef dishes – the Crispy Shredded Beef In Chilli is our favourite (shredded beef with chilli sauce and carrots).

Address: 24 Romilly Street, London W1D 5AH


Firecracker Restaurant

They provide a modern oriental menu that still maintains the traditional recipes giving them a modern twist!

Firecracker Restaurant offers a special DimSum Brunch every day between 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM – and it is only £18 per person (prices for children are £9). The brunch is “unlimited” and you can order up to two dishes per round. The only rules customers must keep in mind when enjoying their DimSum Brunch is that all items must be consumed before another round is ordered – and no leftovers are allowed to be taken home! We must admit that this is a pretty cool idea which is why we recommend you go grab brunch in the Firecracker Restaurant next time you are free!

Another interesting thing that this restaurant has to offer is karaoke which will make your next dinner pretty interesting!

When it comes to their menu, you can find amazing salads – like the Crispy Duck Salad. They also have well-made seafood, tofu, soups, dim sum, meat (chicken, pork, beef, lamb, duck).

If you are vegan or vegetarian, they have delicious options for you as well!

Address: 44 Horseferry Road Westminster, London SW1P 2AF


Fei Er Cottage

The concept behind this restaurant goes back to Chinese home cottages found in the countryside of China. This is why Fei Er Cottage has created a nice and quiet place that is still very elegant but feels like a home. They want you to be able to escape from the big city life and enjoy a nice lunch or dinner with your family and friends.

All the food they offer is healthy, locally sourced, and traditional.

If you are interested in throwing a small party in this restaurant, then you can book one of two separate private dining rooms that can seat up to 8 people – and many plan their birthday parties in Fei Er Cottage.
You can find a TV and karaoke in there.

In their A la Carte menu, you can find lobster/ crab/ prawns/ oysters/ squids dishes, soups, dim sum, chicken/ lamb/ duck/ pork/ beef dishes, and even vegetable and tofu meals.

This restaurant also has a Dimsum Buffet which is an all-you-can-eat buffet (Monday – Friday /5pm – 10pm/ and Saturday – Sunday /12pm – 10pm/). In order to avoid wasting food, all guests need to finish their meals before they move on to the next order!

Address: 37 Strutton Ground, London SW1P 2HY