We know that you adore Indian food, in fact, we are certain that it’s your favourite cuisine which is why you want to know which restaurants in Camden Town prepare the most delicious Indian dishes.

Of course, this is exactly why we decided to share our favourite places in the area with you. That way you will know exactly where to go next based on our recommendations!

The crème de la crème of Indian culinary delights awaits you at these four splendid establishments in the charming locale of Camden Town.


Masala Zone

First on our list is probably our favourite Indian restaurant in Camden Town – Masala Zone. Let’s start off with the venue – it’s extremely stylish with wooden walls, lights covering both the ceiling and the walls, there are elephant statues, and antique carvings. Dining in Masala Zone really is an incredible experience and we can guarantee that you will fall in love with the interior design!

But, of course, as beautiful as the venue is, the main focus is on the food. As you probably know, “Masala” means spice and they have decided to name this restaurant that way because they use traditional Indian spices which are extremely important for every Indian dish we all know and love!

Their menu changes quite often which is super exciting. The chefs like to use seasonal vegetables as well as create new unique dishes on regular basis.

Address: 25 Parkway, London NW1 7PG


Namaaste Kitchen

Namaaste Kitchen is another incredible Indian restaurant that you should visit whenever you are craving delicious food. The interior is super stylish and chic, there are exposed brick walls and leather banquettes. And the best part is that the kitchen is open so you can watch how they prepare your food – and they never fail to deliver quality! This place is pretty popular making which is why we recommend you book a table especially if you have decided to visit during the weekend!

The chefs are dedicated to offering modern, healthy and tasty dishes – after all, the chef has won the “Best Chef of the Year” award two times (in 2012 and in 2014) as well as the “Best Innovative Chef” in 2013 so you can expect nothing but the best from Namaaste Kitchen!

They have two menus – the Main Menu as well as a Vegan Menu. On the main menu, you will find super unique dishes prepared from traditional Indian ingredients. We highly recommend starting off with the Walnut Crusted Bhatti Paneer Tikka Starter (Indian cottage cheese marinated in Bhatti masala with crushed walnuts) and the Lucknowi Galouti Lamb Kebab! Keep in mind that all of the starters are spicy!

If you are vegan then you won’t be left disappointed by the vegan food. We have tried the Ananas Tofu Shaslik (tofu stuffed with spiced pineapple, marinated in spices, cooked with peppers and onions), the Sir-fry Okra with Raw Mango and the Aloo Gobhi Mattar (potatoes, peas, cauliflower) – and we loved all of these dishes!

You also cannot miss their desserts – definitely order a Pistachio Gajar Ka Halwa with Coconut Ice Cream or the White chocolate and passion fruit cheesecake!

Address: 64 Parkway, London NW1 7AH


Sonita’s Kitchen

If you love Indian food then you have probably already visited Sonita’s Kitchen. It’s a pretty popular place that is loved by many. Everyone says that this restaurant offers the most delicious curry – and we definitely can agree with this statement! Sonita’s Kitchen was established in 2009 and has been delivering quality food prepared with fresh ingredients ever since.

The focus of this restaurant is health which is why they have prepared every dish with healthy ingredients. Their curries do not contain dairy, gluten, nuts, sugar, or preservatives – and we love Sonita’s Kitchen for this! They do not use a lot of oil nor do they use chilli which is amazing because the food is light, easily digestible and suitable for everyone!

Address: Camden Lock Market, 215-2165 Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1 8AA


Chai Thali

Chai Thali is a fantastic Indian restaurant with a great interior design – it’s rustic and has murals all over the walls making it super modern and trendy. The food is incredible – all dishes are traditional yet they have a modern twist to them. Another reason why we enjoy going to this place is that every Friday they host a “Bollywood night” where they play classic Bollywood records – and you can have a great time eating, dancing, and enjoying a nice drink!

The first thing on the menu you will notice is all the “Small plates” – we highly recommend the Chicken Pakoras (deep-fried chicken deep fried with Indian spices), the Samosa Chaat, the Kheema Pav (lamb mince with coriander, red onions) as well as the Spicy Pickled Wings (chicken wings cooked in Indian pickles).

Aside from their small plates, they have a lot of curries and biriyani. Our favourites are the Prawn Biriyani served with curry sauce, the Kerala Fish Curry and the Kheema Mutter (lamb mince, peas, onion, chilli and tomato sauce).

If you love desserts then you have to get the Gaajar Halwa (grated carrots slow cooked in sweet milk served with Vanilla ice cream, pistachio nuts) and the Sweet Samosas filled with cinnamon and white chocolate!

Address: Workshop, Centro, 19 Mandela St, London NW1 0DU