By now, all of our readers know how much we love Italian food. It’s so tasty and is always made from fresh ingredients. Also, owners of Italian restaurants always have an amazing story and a huge passion for delivering authentic Italian taste which is probably why our team enjoys visiting and learning more about different places offering Italian cuisine so much!

If you are like us and you love visiting Italian restaurants then keep on reading because we have prepared our favourite spots in Mayfair!

The 4 Best Italian Restaurants In Mayfair!


Bocconcino Restaurant

Looking for a fancy Italian restaurant in Mayfair that has homemade pasta and wood-fired pizza? Well, you will love Bocconcino Restaurant! Everything on their menu is tasty and they only use fresh ingredients!

They have antipasti and main courses that are from diverse regions of Italy. Also, they offer a “catch of the day” fish – basically, fish that was caught in the morning – fresh and yummy!

You need to try their Tartare Di Salmone (salmon tartare, avocado, caviar, crab, quail eggs) because it really is incredible.

Also, as your main course, we recommend ordering the Linguine Con Astice Scozzese e Pomodoro Ciliegino – pasta with lobster and cherry tomatoes!

Address: 19 Berkeley St, London W1J 8ED


Novikov Restaurant and Bar

Novikov Restaurant and Bar is an interesting mix of Italian and Asian cuisine with two elegant dining rooms (one is the Novikov Asian and the other is Novikov Italian), and a lounge bar. All of the venues are stylish, elegant, and pretty luxurious so make sure you put on your fancy clothes before you go have dinner there. Also, the prices are pretty expensive so keep that in mind!

When it comes to the menu, there are two different ones – the Asian menu and the Italian menu. Today, we will focus on the Italian menu and talk more about it.

The food is extremely tasty and you won’t be disappointed. For sure, their Risotto with Asparagus and Black Truffle is delicious and is our favourite, however, it’s quite light so if you are looking for a meal with meat in it, we recommend the Beef Fillet Tagliata (comes with rocket leaves, parmesan, and Worcester Dressing).

Address: 50A Berkeley St, London W1J 8HA


Cecconi’s Mayfair

Cecconi’s are a very well-known chain of restaurants – aside from the one in Mayfair, they have locations all over the world – Miami, Berlin, Barcelona, New York, Hollywood, and Istanbul. It’s one of the finest Italian restaurants in Mayfair with a chic and stylish venue, amazing food prepared with fresh ingredients, and very friendly staff!

This restaurant is definitely expensive but it’s so worth it because the food is incredible. For example, they offer amazing ravioli filled with crab as well as lobster spaghetti. They focus on incorporating seafood in their dishes, however, there are also a lot of main courses with meat in them (as well as ones that are vegan and vegetarian).

Address: 5A Burlington Gardens, London W1S 3EP


Ristorante Frescobaldi London

This restaurant is established and run by The Frescobaldi’s – a pretty famous family in Tuscany that has been making wine for over 700 years! Ristorante Frescobaldi is truly divine – mixing such rich family history, traditional Italian food, and a few modern dishes.

Our team really enjoys going to Ristorante Frescobaldi London and we are certain that you will love both the food and the atmosphere which is why we recommend you go as soon as possible!

There is the main menu, a dessert menu, and, of course, an amazing wine menu where you can pick some of The Frescobaldi’s wines that are a staple!

We love their crab cakes that come with avocado and citrus mayonnaise. Also, their Linguine with lobster and chili sauce is divine!

Address: 15 New Burlington Pl, London W1S 2HX