Pizza is one of those foods that everyone loves eating – non-vegans, vegans, as well as vegetarians! Some enjoys eating it with meat and some prefer it plain – with cheese and tomato sauce, there is something for everyone.

Since our team can be spotted in different pizzerias in Sidcup due to our love of this dish, we decided to make a list of our favourite places!

Today, we won’t be covering Domino’s and other “fast food” places that offer pizzas – we will focus on small restaurants that offer the unique Italian taste we are all looking for when eating pizza! Of course, all places on our list offer takeaway so if you don’t feel like eating at the restaurants, you can still order and enjoy in the comfort of your home!

Mario’s Pizzeria

Mario’s Pizzeria is the place to visit whenever you are craving a delicious pizza. Since it’s an Italian restaurant, you can also order all sorts of traditional Italian dishes which are also really good, however, today – we will focus on their pizzas!

They are thin-crusted and quite tasty. The dough is hand-made and you can tell by the appearance of the pizza. The prices are affordable yet the quality is superb!

We highly recommend getting the Prosciutto Pizza (if you eat meat) – it’s such an iconic Italian pizza that will most likely become your favourite!

Address: 148 Station Road, Sidcup DA15 7AB


Little Florence

Another amazing Italian restaurant that offers great Italian food as well as pizza. They also pay extra attention to how they decorate each plate – a great way to make all customers feel special!

When it comes to their cooking, they use fresh ingredients and herbs like fresh basil, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, prosciutto which is extremely important when preparing Italian food and pizzas. Some would even go as far as saying that Little Florence provides the best Italian food in Sidcup!

Not only is the food amazing but the staff is always lovely and friendly. You can expect nothing but the best service when you visit Little Florence!

Address: 44 Sidcup High Street, Sidcup DA14 6EH


Pizza Express

Pizza Express is an amazing pizzeria that you must visit! They have three different menus – a Main Menu, a Kids Menu, and a Vegan Menu which is incredible!

We recommend ordering their Hot Honey (pepperoni and calabrese sausage, peppers, tomato, mozzarella, fresh basil, honey, cheese).

If you don’t eat meat, then get the Margherita Bufala (mozzarella, tomato, fresh basil and fresh tomatoes, garlic oil, oregano, olive oil).

They also offer amazing “Pizza Kits” that you can prepare at home. Each kit includes their handmade dough and every ingredient you will need. On their website, they also have special “How-to” videos where you can follow the steps for preparing these pizza kits!

Address: Main Road, Sidcup DA14 6NF



Prezzo is a very stylish and elegant Italian restaurant that is perfect for romantic dinners or a family get together. Aside from the delicious Italian cuisine that they offer (including pizza), they also have gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and even low-calorie options for you to choose from!

You need to try their Posh Pepperoni Pizza (spicy pepperoni, chilli, prosciutto, sausage, cheese, mozzarella, tomato sauce)!

If you want to grab a dessert then we recommend their Honeycomb Smash Cheesecake or the Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart – you won’t be disappointed!

Address: 87 Main Road, Sidcup DA14 6ND