If you love Turkish cuisine then you are probably looking for the best restaurants in Greenwich that can offer authentic traditional food.

Well, since our team loves trying out different restaurants, we have decided to share our favourite Turkish places in Greenwich with you so you know where to go next!

The 4 Best Turkish Restaurants In Greenwich According To Our Team!


Midpoint Restaurant

The first restaurant on our list is Midpoint – a pretty well-known place that many love. The venue is stunning, the food is super tasty always prepared from fresh ingredients, and the staff is friendly – what more can you ask for, right?

All of their starters are served with freshly baked Turkish bread which is why we recommend you order the Humus and the Kisir because they go very well with bread.

Next on their menu are all the traditional kebabs – all of which get served with rice and a salad. We love their Chicken Shish, Adana Kebab, and the Lamb Sarma Beyti which is marinated minced lamb grilled over charcoal, wrapped in lavash bread with cheese, tomato sauce, butter, and garlic yoghurt.

They also have Pide which is Turkish pizza and a few salad options like an Acili Ezme Salata (tomato, green peppers, red pepper, parsley, onion, garlic, olive dressing).

Address: 3, Anchor Iron Wharf, Ballast Quay, London SE10 9GL


Sefa Restaurant

Sefa is an incredible Turkish restaurant that also has a few other Mediterranean dishes on the menu. We highly recommend you visit this place because the food is extremely well-made and tasty!

You need to start off with their Stuffed Vine Leaves with rice, onions, dill, parsley, pine nuts, olive oil. It’s our favourite starter and we are certain you will love it if you have never eaten it before.

Next, definitely get a traditional kebab or a kebab with yoghurt. We love the Yoghurtlu Adana (charcoal-grilled Adana kebab with tomato and yoghurt sauce) and the Lamb Beyti which is always served with rice, salad, and a sauce!

There are other traditional main dishes you can choose from – for example, they have incredible Mousakka.

Address: 129-131 Trafalgar Rd, London SE10 9TX


Efe’s Meze

Another great restaurant with excellent service and delicious Turkish food – Efe’s Meze.

They have traditional hot and cold starters like Kisir, Taramasalata, Saksuka, Falafel, and Sigara Boregi! Then they have traditional main dishes, salads, charcoal grills, fish main dishes, etc.

If you go to Efe’s Meze, we highly recommend their “Meze Set Meals to share” which is a great way to try a big selection of their starters and main dishes for less money. For example, their “Meat Meze To Share” is only £19.95 and it includes 6 Cold Appetizers – tzatziki, hummus, kisir, saksuka, taramasalata, chef’s special, 3 Hot Appetizers – falafel, feta cheese, sigara borek, grilled halloumi, and lamb kofte, chicken wings, chicken skewer with rice and feta cheese salad.

Address: 170 Trafalgar Rd, London SE10 9TZ


Taksim Restaurant

And last on our list is Taksim – a super casual and simple restaurant that offers delicious Turkish food just like how they prepare it in Turkey.

All of their starters are traditional and super tasty. They also have salads, vegetarian main dishes, and, of course, charcoal grills!

We highly recommend the Adana Kofte, the Chicken Doner as well as all of their Yoghurt Kebabs.

And leave room for dessert because they have incredible baklava you need to try!

Address: 7 Blackheath Hill, London SE10 8PB