In order to properly clean the carpets and rugs in your home and keep them in a spotless condition at all times, you can’t use any regular vacuum cleaner – you definitely need one that is designed for cleaning carpets.

Monster Cleaning specializes in Deep Carpet Cleaning and we have been performing this service for a long time. Our team has tried and tested a lot of different machines on the market – some of which are really worth investing in, and today, we will share them with you so you know which one to buy depending on your needs and requirements.

The 4 Best Vacuum Cleaners For Carpets You Can Buy In 2022


– Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro

This lovely machine has three cleaning settings – and we will discuss all three of them. Starting with the Max Clean, this mode is designed for the dirtiest carpets and rugs that are covered in not only dirty patches and impurities but also stains. This mode is recommended for use once or twice a year when you really want to deep clean the carpet rather than simply remove some hairs and crumbs.

This mode releases a lot of water so the carpets will be left very wet and you would need to let them dry for at least 8 hours or overnight.

The second mode is Deep Clean – and it doesn’t use as much water, therefore, the carpets won’t be left that wet but they would still need a few hours to dry. This mode can be used once a month so that you can remove any mess that your kids or pets have left behind.

For regular use, we recommend the third mode – Express Clean. The carpets will be dry in less than an hour yet they will be left spotless and properly cleaned.

If you have pets and/ or kids, this vacuum cleaner is really something to consider buying.

The price is around £249 – and we really do think that it is worth the money considering how much use you will get out of it.


– Kärcher Spray Extraction Cleaner SE 4001

Of course, we can’t make a list of vacuum cleaners for carpets and not include a Kärcher model. Our team really swears by this brand and we use their products regularly.

This vacuum cleaner is very powerful yet doesn’t weigh a lot which makes it easy to carry around the house.

This model is both a wet and dry machine so you can use it on both carpeted floors and hardwood ones – and considering the price which is £200, we think that it’s a great investment.

Now, although this vacuum cleaner is great, we do not recommend it for really dirty carpets. It’s more for everyday use and for minor stains so depending on your requirements, it might not be suitable for you.


– Tineco Carpet One

This machine is priced at £499 – and let us start off by saying that it is really powerful – 1,300 W.

In comparison to other vacuum cleaners that must be filled with hot water in order for them to do their job properly, this machine heats up the water itself which is really cool in our opinion and it makes a great difference in the cleaning because the water won’t cool down as you clean.

The price is high, however, this machine is really great and quick at lifting stains.

This machine has a screen on the top and it even talks you through the cleaning process. It will tell you when it’s time to change tanks and will tell you how dry the carpet is.

One of the greatest benefits of this vacuum cleaner is that the water extraction is super quick due to the great suction and the hot air it creates which means that the carpets will dry very fast.


– Numatic George GVE 370

Last on our list is the Numatic George GVE 370 – priced at £242.96, this machine is powerful with its 1,060 W and a 6l clean water tank with a 9l dirty water tank.

Now, before we continue with discussing this machine, we do have to warn you that it is very heavy which makes using it a bit difficult and almost impossible to carry around the house – especially if there is a staircase.

George is great at removing pet hair and stains due to the incredible suction that is powerful.