It’s not a secret that the easiest vacuum cleaners to use are indeed the ones that are cordless. You don’t have to think about where to plug it and you can clean your house without too much effort.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are perfect for big houses that have more than one floor because you can simply turn the machine on and cover the entire place – even when there are stairs.

It’s a common misconception that cordless vacuum cleaners are not that powerful. In the past – yes, however, over the years the new technology has gotten impeccable – and cordless vacuum cleaners have become a staple in households all across the United Kingdom.


The 5 Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners We Recommend For The Cleanliness Of Your Home

We want you to know that the following vacuum cleaners are not listed from best to worst – each one has different pros and cons which we have listed, and depending on your requirements and needs, you will decide which one works for you and is worth the money.


– Proscenic i10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Believe it or not, this machine is one of the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaners. Yes, Proscenic is a lesser-known brand, however, they really did a wonderful job when creating this vacuum – and the price is also amazing – £139.

This machine comes with three brush heads – a small one for upholstery, a standard brush head that is very flexible and suitable for carpets and wooden floors, and a thin crevice attachment as well.

It comes with one battery and if you are using the machine on the lowest setting – it can last up to 50 minutes, however, on the highest setting, it will last about 10-15 minutes.

The recharge time is around 2 hours and a half which is not bad at all.

Overall, this machine has everything you could want in a cordless vacuum cleaner and it is quite powerful. The only downfall is the battery life.


– Halo Capsule cordless vacuum cleaner

Next on our list is the Halo Capsule cordless vacuum cleaner – and one of the greatest benefits to this machine is that it has a removable dust bag so it’s easy to empty the bin.

It is priced at around £299, it’s lightweight – only 2.6 kg and the battery life is incredible since it can last up to an hour. The recharging time is 3 hours which is also a great benefit.

What we love the most about this vacuum cleaner is how powerful it is as well as how impressive the rotating brush head performs on different surfaces – especially on carpets. It doesn’t only remove the impurities from the surface but it goes deeper which makes it perfect for pet owners because it can easily remove embedded pet hair.

It also has a dust brush and a crevice head.


– Hoover H-Free 300 cordless vacuum cleaner

If you want a budget-friendly machine that performs well, is easy to empty the dust container and is lightweight then the Hoover H-Free 300 cordless is the vacuum cleaner for you. It’s priced at around £119 and is one of our teams’ favourite.

This machine also has a LED light in the head that illuminates hidden dust which usually is a feature that the more expensive vacuum cleaners have.

Its battery life lasts up to 40 minutes – and in our opinion, it’s more than enough for you to clean your entire home a few times. The only downfall is the charging time since it’s more than the average cordless vacuum cleaner – 5 hours.


– Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 cordless vacuum cleaner

Another affordable option for a cordless vacuum cleaner we have for you is the Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 which can be found for £169.

The battery life is up to 45 minutes, the suction is quite powerful, the bin can be emptied easily, and there are even extra features such as a “Turbo” mode for stronger suction.

It’s great for cleaning both hard floors and carpets.

When it comes to the recharging time – it’s around 3 hours.


– Dyson V15 Detect Complete cordless vacuum cleaner

Now it’s time to introduce the most expensive vacuum cleaner on our list – the Dyson V15 Detect Complete cordless vacuum cleaner which can be found for £500. Yes, it certainly is not cheap, however, it is one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners you can buy on the market at the moment – and its battery life can last more than an hour.

One of our favourite features on this machine which makes cleaning easier is the LED light on the head that illuminates the dust – and, believe it or not, the motor adjusts the power depending on the impurities and dust it detects so it can both save battery life in areas that are cleaner and still increase the power when the area is dirty so that all impurities can be cleaned.

This machine also has a screen at the top where you can see how much impurities have been sucked, how much battery you have left, and when to charge the vacuum cleaner.

This is the first Dyson vacuum that comes with a HEPA filter – and as you know, our team finds this feature very crucial.

This machine has three modes – “Auto”, the one that we previously mentioned that adapts the power according to how dirty the floor is, “Eco” which saves battery, and “Boost” which is recommended for deep cleaning.

When it comes to the attachments it comes with – there are seven… Yes, seven – one for long hair and pet hair, a fluffy brush for hard floors, an LED-lit crevice tool, and many more that come in handy when cleaning your home.

The recharging time is 4 hours and a half – and considering how powerful and modern this vacuum cleaner is, it’s not that long.