Wondering which restaurants in Orpington offer the most delicious Indian food? Well, since our team loves Indian cuisine – and we also enjoy going out and trying out new restaurants, we decided to share all of our favourite Indian restaurants in the area with you so you know exactly where to go for lunch or dinner!

We highly recommend the top five Indian restaurants in Orpington that are a must-visit for those who seek the finest culinary experience.


Masala Dabbas

Masala Dabbas is one of the best Indian restaurants in Orpington – not only is the food incredible but the venue is beautiful and the overall service is excellent since the staff pays attention to every detail. They will make you feel welcomed the second you walk into the restaurant which is why we enjoy going there so much.

On their menu, they have incredible unique vegetarian starters as well as meat starters. We highly recommend trying out the Sambar Vada (2 savoury fried lentil dumplings), the Liquid Explosion (pooris with crushed chickpeas, sweet and sour tamarind chutneys, Jal jeera), the Kashmiri Lamb Chops, and the Lime and Lemon Chicken Shashlik!

Next, they have a selection of vegetarian main dishes as well as seafood, fish, and meat main dishes. If you don’t eat meat then we recommend their Paneer butter masala (cottage cheese pieces in a tomato sauce, onion, ginger, cashews, spices) and the Punjabi Chole (chickpeas cooked in a Punjabi sauce
with dry mango powder and chillies). If you do eat meat then definitely get the Chettinadu Vaattu (duck with c spices, curry leaves, tamarind and
coconut milk), the Malabar Pepper Chicken, or the Kathal Dum Biryani!

Address: 294 High St, Orpington BR6 0NF


Indian Essence by Atul Kochhar

Indian Essence by Atul Kochhar is a fancy Indian restaurant that will leave you amazed not only by how beautiful the venue is but also because the food is extremely tasty. They also pay attention to how they serve their dishes which is why everything is so beautifully decorated on your plate! If you are looking to have an amazing experience and taste delicious Indian food then definitely head to this restaurant – you won’t be disappointed!

We love their starters which is why we do not recommend you skip ordering at least one. The Tangra Chilli Prawns (Batter Fried King Prawns, Peppers, Spring Onions, Chilli Garlic sauce), the Khasta Murg (Chicken Tikka Pie, served with Spiced Prune Compote), and the Makali Fry (Fried Squid Ring with Chillies and Lime dressing) are our favourites!

Next on their menu, they have incredible main dishes a few of which are vegetarian. We guarantee that you are going to love all of the options!

Address: 176-178 Petts Wood Rd, Petts Wood, Orpington BR5 1LG


Shimla Pink

Shimla Pink is a small simple Indian restaurant that not many know of. We consider it a hidden gem which is why we had to feature it in our list so more Indian food lovers can learn about it and go try their delicious food!

They serve traditional starters, delicious main dishes some of which contain meat, fish, seafood, or vegetables. The menu is pretty huge and it contains almost any traditional Indian dish you can think of which is why we are certain you will find your favourite food there – especially if you have never seen it being served in another restaurant.

And don’t forget that all of their bread is homemade and since they go very well with every dish on the menu, you definitely have to order!

Address: 326 High St, Orpington BR6 0NG


The Bombay Restaurant

The Bombay is another incredible restaurant located in Orpington that we highly recommend you visit whenever you are craving delicious Indian food. The atmosphere is amazing, the service is excellent, the interior is beautiful, and the food is super tasty.

The menu consists of traditional dishes – from starters to biriyani, tandoori, curry, balti dishes, rice, and a few other traditional options all of us love. They also have plenty of vegetable starters, side dishes, and main dishes so if you do not eat meat you will still be able to enjoy the incredible cooking of this place.

We highly recommend the Chicken Jalfrezi, the Chicken Vindaloo, the Meat Kurma, the Balti Cauliflower, the Balti Passanda King Prawns as well as the Balti Ceylon Chicken – these are our favourite main dishes off of the menu!

Address: 74-76 High St, Green Street Green, Orpington BR6 6BJ



Cardamom first opened in 2012 and they have been offering delicious Indian food ever since. This is one of our favourite restaurants in Orpington that we often go to for lunch and dinner whenever we feel like going out. The owners are focused on preparing and serving authentic Indian food with traditional spices and ingredients which is probably why everything is so tasty – just like how they make it in India! And another amazing news is that everything on the menu is affordable!

First on their menu are the starters all of which are traditional – for example, they have Samosas, Sheek Kebab, Lamb Tikka, Tandoori Chicken, King Prawn Butterfly, etc.

The main dishes consist of curry, jalfrezi, passanda, masala, tandoori dishes, balti, biriyani, and plenty of other traditional food we all love. We highly recommend trying out their Chicken Exotica (with onion, peppers, cheese), the Mango Delight (Chicken or lamb tikka with fresh mango), the Pumpkin Duck, and the Lamb Pistachio Paneer Masala. These are definitely our favourite dishes from Cardamom!

Address: 7 Chatsworth Parade, Petts Wood, Orpington BR5 1DF