Mediterranean cuisine is interesting, unique, and fresh. It’s diverse which is why many people love it – our team included!

The main ingredients used in Mediterranean cuisine are olive oil, olives, vegetables, seafood, and meat. It’s perfect for non-vegans, vegans, and vegetarian people due to the diversity of recipes and dishes!

Since it’s summer and everyone wants to eat fresh salads and tasty yet light food, we decided it’s the perfect time to make a list of our favourite Mediterranean restaurants!

The 5 Best Mediterranean Restaurants In Bexleyheath


Il Vesuvio Restaurant

Martino and Matteo, the owners of Il Vesuvio Restaurant, have years of experience working in some of the best Italian restaurants in the UK – and a few years ago they decided to follow their dreams and create a restaurant with an amazing menu for everyone to enjoy.

Since this restaurant is one of our favourites in Bexleyheath, we definitely recommend you give it a try.

You will be left amazed by the food. For starters, we always get their Garlic Pizza (the one with cheese). It’s basically dough with garlic, olive oil, and cheese. As your main course, you can choose pizza, pasta, or meat dishes – all of which are incredible.

Since we are on the topic of light Mediterranean food, we recommend the Penne Arrabiata (it’s vegan and vegetarian). This delicious pasta has tomato sauce, garlic, chillies, olive oil, and parsley.

If you have room for desserts, you need to try their Lemon Sorbet – refreshing and tasty!

Address: Unit 3 Royal Oak Road, Bexleyheath DA6 7AD



Delicio is a restaurant serving Turkish and Italian food. It’s a family-run business that was founded more than 25 years ago. Their menu is extremely diverse and it includes pizzas, pasta, salads, and kebabs.

All sauces that they use to prepare their dishes are homemade, and they also use fresh ingredients!

One of our favourite things on the menu is the Cannelloni – stuffed cannelloni with ricotta, spinach, and parmesan cheese!

Address: 157 Broadway, Bexleyheath DA6 7EZ

Cuore Food From The Earth

Cuore Food From The Earth is considered a cafe, however, the food that they offer is extremely tasty and well-made which is why we decided to include it in our list today. If you do decide to visit Cuore Food From The Earth, you will be welcomed with a smile – the staff is lovely and the service is incredible, just like the food they offer!

We recommend you visit for breakfast or lunch since they have an amazing breakfast menu, sandwiches, pasta, and salads.

Their Caprese sandwich (tomatoes, homemade pesto, avocado, mozzarella) as well as the Chicken Mayo Sandwich (chicken, mayo, lettuce) are both extremely delicious – perfect for breakfast or a quick lunch!

If you want to try out their salads then get the Feta Salad (feta cheese, dried tomatoes, onions, olive oil) or the Pollo Salad (chicken, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, cucumber, avocado).

Address: 278 Broadway, Bexleyheath DA6 8BE


Glasshouse Restaurant & Bar

If you want to eat something light and fresh then Glasshouse Restaurant & Bar is the place for you. Their menu is super diverse and can offer you tasty salads,
soups, risotto, steak, pizza, pasta, and even some incredible fish dishes!

All of their starters are super unique and interesting which is why we can hardly choose our favourite – you just have to try them!

We highly recommend you get the King Prawn Linguine as your main dish (pasta, prawns, baby spinach, olive oil, garlic, white wine sauce, cherry tomatoes) or the Grilled Fillet of Seabass (it comes with potatoes and seasonal vegetables).

Address: 62 Avenue Road, Bexleyheath DA7 4EG


Istanbul Kitchen and Bar

Istanbul Kitchen and Bar is a mix of Greek and Turkish food which is an incredible combination.

If you do decide to visit this place, you need to order something from the Charcoal Grill section of the menu. Also, they offer kebabs with yoghurt which is a pretty interesting combination. For example, they have a Yogurtlu Lamb Shish (grilled lamb shish, yoghurt, tomato sauce, bread).

You can also order pide which is a Turkish pizza – extremely delicious!

If you don’t feel like getting ready and going to the restaurant, they also have a takeaway menu where you can find pretty affordable deals like their Family One (Adana kofte, lamb and chicken shish, 8 chicken wings, 4 lamb ribs, chicken beyti, chicken doner, lamb doner, rice, couscous, and salad – and all this for £55.00!

Address: 160 A221, Bexleyheath DA6 7EZ