As you might know, cleaning and disinfecting are two completely separate things. You can clean your home yet still have germs all over the surfaces – and you can disinfect your house but yet it can still be dirty.

It’s important to know that cleaners are meant for cleaning and disinfectants are meant for… disinfecting. They cannot replace the function of one another unless the product is specifically designed to act as both a cleaner and a disinfectant – if that is the case then it will be written on the label. We have one product like this on our list so if you want to tackle both chores at once – keep on reading.

Below, we will list our favourite disinfectant sprays that you can use all around your house in order to truly eliminate all the bacteria so you, your kids, and your pets can be safe.


The 6 Best Disinfectant Sprays You Can Use To Remove All The Germs In Your Home

– Trade Chemicals Fresh Pet Disinfectant 1L with Spray, Deodoriser

A great antibacterial spray to use if you have pets is the Trade Chemicals Fresh Pet Disinfectant 1L with Spray. The formula is safe for animals, the product can be used either straight from the bottle or by diluting it with water, and it won’t only disinfect the surface you spray it on – it will also deodorize it and remove bad smells. Your home will smell incredible and will be free of harmful bacteria.

It is safe to use on any surface – floors, walls, beds, pet toys, carpets, toilets, and even your pet’s cage or feeding bowls.


– Dettol All-in-One Disinfectant Spray

Of course, we can’t make a list of the best disinfectant sprays and not mention Dettol. Their Dettol All-in-One Disinfectant Spray is very popular and loved by many due to the powerful formula and how effective it is in removing germs while leaving a lovely smell behind.


– INEOS Hygienics Hospital Grade Sanitiser Spray for Surfaces

A product we really like is the INEOS Hygienics Hospital Grade Sanitiser Spray for Surfaces which is used in hospitals all around the UK. This probably is enough to convince you that it is indeed one of the best disinfectants that kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. If it’s good enough for a hospital then it’s good enough for your home, right?

It contains 75% pharma-grade alcohol which makes it so effective in preventing the transmission of viruses.


– Clinell Universal Cleaning and Disinfectant Spray

Next on our list is Clinell Universal Cleaning and Disinfectant Spray – a spray that eliminated all bacteria and viruses from any surface. It’s safe to use without gloves since it does not contain bleach plus it’s suitable for all washable surfaces.

This product was designed by doctors so it’s another disinfectant trusted and used in hospitals.

But what is so unique about this spray is that it is both a disinfectant and a cleaner so it makes it all-purpose. When you use it, you can be assured that the surface you spray it with will be spotless and sanitized.


– Leucillin Family Sanitiser

Another excellent disinfectant that is alcohol-free is the Leucillin Family Sanitiser. This product can be used on any surface in your home but it can also be used on your skin and even open wounds to sanitize them. It has a neutral ph, it’s non-drying, non-stinging, and completely safe even if you have sensitive skin.

We recommend it if you have a pet or a kid because you can use it to disinfect toys, teething items, and just about anything else.


– Mother & Baby Toy & Surface Sanitiser

Another great option if you have kids is the Mother & Baby Toy & Surface Sanitiser – a safe, gentle, and effective product for baby toys. It’s hypoallergenic, non-irritant, vegan, and won’t cause health issues even if inhaled or swallowed. It was created specifically for babies and kids so it doesn’t contain any harmful substances.

But how is this possible? Well, it has active ingredients which are naturally found in our bodies. These ingredients keep us safe so the formula is mineral-based and uses electrolyzed water.

You don’t need to dilute it or rinse it after using – simply spray it directly from the bottle onto the surface you want to be disinfected and let it dry naturally.