We know how much you hate ironing because it seems like a pointless chore that wastes your time. But in our opinion, one way to look polished and put together is to wear ironed clothes that do not have wrinkles. Of course, you don’t need to iron everything – but shirts are a must. Who wants to wear a wrinkled shirt, right?

We are happy to tell you that there are irons out there that will make this task must easier to do because they produce steam. This makes the process faster and less of a hassle. Plus the risk of damaging the clothing is slim to none.

We will list all of our favourite steam irons on the market that you can buy in 2022 that are indeed a great purchase and will make your life easier. The three most important key features we look for are lightweight iron so it’s easy to hold, a strong steam shot, and a big water tank.


The 6 Best Steam Irons You Can Purchase In 2022

– Breville PressXpress VIN407

For just £39.99, you can get yourself the Breville PressXpress VIN407 – a lovely iron which a big tank that will last you 17 minutes and will remove the wrinkles from your clothes.

We do think that this iron is very easy to use and its cord is even tangle-free.


– Tower T22008 CeraGlide Cordless

Another excellent choice that is affordable is the Tower T22008 CeraGlide Cordless – and it’s priced at only £28.

We love that it’s both a corded and cordless machine – but when you use it as cordless, you will get around 35 seconds of use – and since the recharging is only 15 seconds, we think that it’s enough for switching from one clothing item to the next.

It’s powerful, and easy to use, the tank lasts for up to 19 minutes, and the machine heats up very quickly.


– Tefal FV9845 Ultimate Pure

Now, if you are looking to make an investment and get yourself one of the best irons that will last you a lifetime, we recommend the Tefal FV9845 Ultimate Pure which is priced at £109.99. In comparison to the other options on our list, this iron is expensive but it’s worth the money.

It produces powerful steam that will remove all wrinkles from your laundry, it’s easy to use, and the iron heats up fast.


– Russell Hobbs Colour Control 22860

Next on our list is the Russell Hobbs Colour Control 22860 which is around £54.99 at this moment because it’s on sale. We love this machine because the water tank lasts over 21 minutes – the longest out of all other irons on our list. So if you are planning on ironing a lot of clothes on regular basis, this is the machine for you!

We also really like that the iron will turn off by itself if you leave it lying flat for over 30 seconds – so if you tend to always be stressed about whether you unplugged your iron, you won’t have this issue anymore.


– Swan 360 Glide

If you need a light iron then the Swan 360 Glide is for you because it weighs only 900g when empty. It’s also very cheap – £24.23 yet it’s powerful and effective, and you can rely on it to iron your clothes perfectly.

You can both use it as cordless and corded iron which is also a plus.

It heats up very fast and easily reaches a high temperature. The water tank lasts over 14 minutes which is also great in our opinion.


– Morphy Richards EasyCHARGE Cordless 303250

Last but not least on our list is the Morphy Richards EasyCHARGE Cordless 303250 – £49. This iron is known to heat up the quickest out of the previous irons on our list.

It’s a great machine to have and considering the low price, it’s worth it!