It is common for pubs and restaurants to go crazy with their Christmas decorations but have you ever heard of a pub that spends a ridiculous amount of money on all year round decorations?

Get familiar with The Churchill Arms in Kensington

This beautifully decorated pub is located in Kensington and it’s called The Churchill Arms – and these beautiful spring flowers are a decoration that stays and is being taken care of all year round. Of course, the spring season is when they blossom and the pub looks its best – there are over 100 flower pots, 48 window boxes and 42 hanging baskets of flowers on the exterior.

As beautiful as the outside of this pub is it comes with a cost – and it’s a high one. The flowers and their maintenance comes at around £26,000 a year.

The manager, James Keogh, reveals that it all started when a contractor wanted to do a small flower display beside the pub. Everyone loved the idea so much that they let him do the whole building instead.

Of course, they started with a few hanging baskets. As the year passed they kept putting more flowers higher up the building until they finally loved the result.

When did they start the flower display?

They started this display back in 1986 – and they have kept this trend year after year.

Not only is the Churchill Arms’pub very well known but it has won many awards such as the London Gardens Society, The Chelsea Flower Show, Chelsea in Bloom.

The pub that is the most Instagrammable pub in London was built in 1750. Not only do people love the exterior but they love the interior as well as the food and drinks that they offer.