The Green School for Girls is an all-girls secondary school. The school was originally established in 1796. A lot of the students were girls rejected from The Blue School. A very interesting fact about The Green School is that they gave free green clothes for the students to wear uniforms.

Even though over the years, this school suffered lots of damage and underwent major renovations and changes, they didn’t switch buildings and are still using the original one to this day.

Many people in the area are familiar with The Green School for Girls – maybe your child, niece, or your neighbors’ kid goes there. It’s famous for the ‘‘safeguarding’’ of all students, as the school’s mission is that children should go to school in a safe and friendly environment – and they are right.

Every girl belongs to a different group and more specifically to five different ‘‘houses’’ depending on their education stage – from Year 7 to Year 11. It’s interesting and very innovative how they named each group after a tree and they all have colors with which distinct them. This is considered a tradition.

  • Red is the color of ‘‘Beeches’’
  • Green is the color of ‘‘Chestnuts’’
  • Blue is the color of ‘‘Elms’’
  • Yellow is the color of ‘‘Oaks’’
  • Orange is the color of ‘‘Willows’’

The students wear these colors on their jumpers. All girls can represent these ‘‘houses’’ in events, quizzes, and competitions.

A reason for these ‘‘houses’’ is to motivate students to take part in charities, awareness, and most importantly fundraising. Each of the students in these groups has to come up with a charity that the school will support. The representatives of these charities usually go to the school and speak to the girls. Some of the students even volunteer at these charities.

The Green School for Boys

Recently the Green School decided it should expand and teach boys as well – The Green School for Boys. The new buildings are located on the campus of The Green School for Girls and in the lot opposite of it.

The school originally opened in September 2017 across the street from The Green School for Girls. It started off with just 120 students that were in Year 7 and their goal is to reach education groups until Year 13, that’s why a new extension has been built and is fully operational as of September 2019 (second building of the Green School for Boys is in the Green School for Girls lot). At full capacity, each school year they will have 150 places for the boys.

Similar to The Green School for Girls, the one for boys will share similar traditions, taking part in charity work, having similar learning methods that inspire the students to reach their potential.

The extension of the Green School for Boys

The building that is on The Green School for Girls’ campus was completed in September 2019 just in time for the start of school. The project not only included building the school for boys but renovating the building for girls as well as adding two classrooms, repairs, landscaping, external works, and overall renovating the old building while they are building the new one at the same time.

The building looks stunning

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