The Kingston Hospital workers will protest next week because of the minimum wages and ‘Dickensian’ work ethic.

The Kingston Hospitals staff, employed by the private firm ISS, are protesting over the right to sick pay and the London Living Wage.

The union for everyone working in NHS employed by ISS – GMB Southern, said that staff is paid below the living wage. They are also forced to work when they are ill and don’t get any sick pay.

Their last protest was last month outside the Kingston Hospital. This one will take place at 12.30pm again outside the Kingston Hospital on Galsworthy Road on Thursday, December 20.

Two people will go dressed as Scrooge and Oliver Twist. That way they will show ISS’s “Dickensian working practices” and “poverty wages”.

The GMB regional organiser, Helen O’Connor, says they would never stop trying until their needs and demands are met by ISS. She insists that they would not stand by and watch the high paid ISS managers abuse their members and strip them of their basic rights.

She adds that all they want is a basic sick pay scheme and the London Living Wage that is £10.55 an hour.

An ISS spokesman replied that they would be disappointed if a protest is being held outside the hospital. He added that the company had not been informed of any plans so they couldn’t comment any further.