Are you a big Sherlock Holmes fan? Well, if you are then you will most likely really enjoy one specific pub in London called The Sherlock Holmes pub. It’s located in Charing Cross and it’s a Victorian-era themed pub with a huge collection of Sherlock Holmes things. The whole interior is decorated with objects and photographs of the famous books’ characters which makes any Sherlock Holmes fan’s heart skip a beat at the beautiful and creative scenery.

This place wasn’t always a pub. It was a small hotel known as the Northumberland Hotel around the 1880s. Later on, it was renamed as the Northumberland Arms. The second name was because of the 1892 Sherlock Holmes story “The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor”.

The history behind the decor

When it comes to the decor it comes from the Festival of Britain in 1951. What do we mean?

A Sherlock Holmes display was made in 1951 thereby Marylebone Public Library and Abbey National. Four Holmes lovers designed the exhibition. They paid a lot of attention even to the smallest details – a Persian slipper to hold Holmes tobacco, a jack-knife for Holmes, etc.

In 1957, the owners of The Northumberland Arms were refurbishing the hotel and decided to purchase the entire Holmes display and install it in a theme pub.

The pub now

The Sherlock Holmes pub is always packed and it’s loved by many. If you fancy going there make sure you make reservations before going because it’s always full.

People love the interior as well as the exterior, the food, the drinks as well as the friendly and professional staff. Regardless if you are a fan of Holmes or not, it’s worth the visit.