What if we told you that you can spend less time on the London Underground? You probably got a little
excited? No one wants to be there – it’s hot, it smells nasty, it’s dirty, and at times you probably get very annoyed and stressed while being there.

But there are actually shortcuts that you can take which will cut the time you need to spend in the London Underground in half.

Everyone that needs to travel on the Piccadilly Line (only from north of Finsbury Park to south of Green Park) can try what we are going to tell you right now. Start as normal but once you reach Finsbury Park switch the line with the Victoria Line. Stay there until Green Park then go back to the Piccadilly Line. We guarantee that you will save a ton of time by changing these lines.

Leicester Square

This trick will help you a lot. Everyone traveling to Covent Garden needs to go to hell and back in order to reach their destination – from the million stairs to the crowds of people and the lifts, it’s a nightmare. It’s a lot easier if you just get off at Leicester Square and walk to your destination since the two stations are extremely close to each other.

Old Street

Everyone that is going to the Northern Line at Old Street – take the first right, regardless of the signs, and you will be on the platform.

Waiting at Queensway

For everyone that is at Queensway – don’t wait for the lift but take the stairs. Waiting for the lifts will waste way too much of your time whenever there are a lot of people and it’s very busy.

Yes, the stairs are a lot but it’s better than standing there waiting for the lift.

Jubilee Line

Arriving at Waterloo East and heading to Jubilee Line? Go to the southern end of the platforms and take the hidden exit into Southwark Station. We guarantee that this is going to save you a ton of time.