Ghost dogs are the new art train in the gallery.

This was done by the artist Halie Finney who turned the static illustrations in a moving mural when the train moves around the city.

The artist said that she always watches as the train pass over the river. That’s what inspired the idea.

This project, called YEGCanvas Super Train, is a mobile art. The art is brought out of the gallery and is in the streets of Edmonton, N18.

The director of public art – David Turnbull, says the project to showcase the work of artists that can’t fit in a gallery.

The project has exhibited 135 artworks by 107 artists at this point.

Finney is a graduate of the MacEwan University Fine Arts Program and the Alberta College of Art and Design. Finney’s work is a series of pieces that are called The Story of the Ghost Dogs.

She explains that when you walk in you will see a doghouse with ghosts hiding behind it. Also, by the arch of the train, you can see another dog which is transforming into a ghost by fire. The sky is red.

Ghost dogs are recurring in her work which she describes is a way of expressing grief.