Although the opposition says that it’s too much money for just making it easier to use the car parks.

The new car parking payment systems project is said to be a good investment.

Almost £2 million are going to be spent for installing the latest systems for car parks in Surrey is the councillors agree this week.

Woking Borough Council’s Executive committee decided to discuss this in their meeting on Thursday (February 7).

This project will cost £1,980,000. The car park management systems will provide over 4,000 off street parking spaces in Woking town centre and surrounding village centres.

Since the existing car park is 10 years old – the new one will include sings that will show if there are available spaces. It will also recognize registration number plates for paperless payment.

If agreed, the first car park will be made next to Victoria Square in September 2020.

Park members said that it seems like a huge amount of money for making it easier to use the car parks.

The Red Car Park in the town centre is closed at the moment for the preparations. The Blue and Yellow ones are still open.

Deputy Chief Executive, Douglas Spinks, said that it’s important everyone knows that the town is still open for business and there are still available parking spaces.