The problem with burning out becomes more and more serious in recent decades. There are many things that you can do so that you can boost your productivity both at work and at home in the long term, and still being able to enjoy what you are doing. Here are some of the best suggestions.

Follow strict sleeping hygiene

Good rest is vital for productivity. Here are some ways in which you can improve your sleep habits:

Once you are well rested, you will be able to get much more done during the day. And even if you are tired, it will be because you have been productive and actually have gotten something done.  That’s the best kind of tired, don’t you agree?

In the office, get distracted as little as possible

Out of the eight hours an average employee spends at the office, only a third to a half of those is spent actually working. The reason is that people get distracted. They take coffee breaks, talk to each other, surf the internet and social media, or just stare into the empty space. Restrictive office policies would not be useful at all in fixing such a waste of time. The key is self-discipline. If you make it your goal to reduce the distractions and get the work you have done, you will eventually succeed and mark an increase in your productivity. Try to get things done first thing in the morning. If you are productive enough, you will be able to get the job you are currently on done by the beginning of the afternoon and move on to the next thing – or just relax. You’ve earned it, after all.

Clean environment is very important

There are actual studies that show that keeping your home and workplace clean actually helps you tune your brain to get more stuff done. So making the hygiene your top priority actually helps you increase your productivity. In case you do not have the means or the time to clean, you might thing about hiring a professional sanitation firm.

Do not miss your vacation time

Getting away from the office at least twice a year for a week is going to help you become more productive and avoid burnout. The thing is that your brain needs rest, and it does not matter how slammed you are at work. If you distract yourself with doing things that you enjoy, no matter whether it is travelling, skiing or just lying on the beach, you will be able to focus much better on your immediate tasks once you get back. Just remember, no work while you are on vacation – no emails, no calls, no getting this or that done. Rest.

Exercise is your friend

Much like when you are trying to fix your sleeping habits, when you are striving for productivity, your physical condition is of a paramount importance. It is no coincidence that the ancient Greeks found a relation between physical fitness and intellectual work. Start jogging, going to the gym or doing daily workout at home, preferably in the morning, and you will notice how much more energy and ability to concentrate you are going to get.  Due to the same reason, you might want to avoid unhealthy habits such as fast food, smoking or excessive drinking.

Maintain healthy family and social relationships

Remember, you cannot expect to be unhappy and productive at the same time. And the key to long-term happiness in life, is to have a loving a supporting family and circle of friends. You should focus at least as much energy and time to your social and family life as you do to your career. When you feel good and actually look forward to going home, you will be able to not only do more work, but better one as well.

Just remember that communication is the best way to fix any problems that you might be having at home. Avoid getting angry, and if there is something troubling your partner, kids or yourself, just sit down and talk it out as adults. Focus on the issue at hand and do not dig in the past. Then find the solution and get it all done. No arguments, no postponing. That is how you do it successfully.